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Pushing into the DLC of Odyssey

Since last time, I rose to the top of the Mercenary food-chain. … Or so I thought. And more importantly, the Cult of Kosmos is no more. I will admit too, that I was legitimately surprised at how that whole saga played out. Even after collecting the majority of the clues, I still hadn’t...

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Playing Past the End

I ‘finished’ Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey roughly 20 hours of play ago. I finished what I would consider to be the main story thread regarding your family in any case. Perhaps 10 hours of play ago, I finished the story strand linking present-day and the Isu — The First...

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Dragon Age 4 as Live Service

Jason Schrier is on a bit of a roll of late with the BioWare inner-sanctum access articles. The latest is a look at the history and likely future of Dragon Age 4. That future including the perhaps worrying ‘Live Service’ descriptor, on top of the further worrying decision to use the...

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Five Game Challenge

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