This month has been very light on gaming. Mostly, I think, due to the changes at work. As I mentioned in that post, there were unavoidable impacts to my team where a few positions had to be cut and I know for one in particular this has been quite a heavy and heartfelt impact. Part of it is down to longer hours at work sorting through the process, including looking for redeployment options for people in other areas of the business sure. But I also find that in situations like this I unconsciously choose to drift from gaming.

Which might be a bit of an odd reaction when you consider a large part of the reason for the hobby is as a destressor.

But in any case! Updates to the Games of Interest are afoot. As the title suggests, Final Fantasy XIV makes a return. It seems the seeds I planted in the minds of a few friends when last I was playing finally took root and sprung to life. It was a near thing though, with Elder Scrolls Online’s Elswyer expansion now out I was pretty keen to dip my toes back in there, too.

But we’re also super close to the new content of FFXIV’s Shadowbringer expansion. I’m nowhere near ready at level 35 and running through the Realm Reborn’s main story quest — a mandatory linear chain of quests which you cannot skip or otherwise short circuit by simply leveling past. *grumble*

Changes to the Game List


  • Final Fantasy XIV


  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
  • Transport Fever

Nearly Removed

  • Tomb Raider


  • The Division 2
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

AC:O I’ve taken a pause on while the DLC catches up. Episode 2 of Atlantis just released the other day, so roughly 5-6 weeks until Episode 3 is out concluding that series and I’ll binge through the lot. ;)

Tomb Raider is holding on for now, as I still have a clear intent to go back and finish the second and third games — whether that intent will materialise into action in the context of limited time and an MMO back on the table though… We’ll see. ;)

Sekiro should come as no surprise to be removed. It had been holding on by a finger nail for a while. While I wouldn’t say I bounced off it hard like my very first encounter with a Souls game, it failed to grab me very firmly either. I noted during the April Journal that playing it made me want to jump in Nioh instead. With Nioh 2 starting to make more of an appearance that feeling grows ever stronger. Perhaps it will end up replacing Tomb Raider? ;)

I guess what might come as a bit more of a surprise is the removal of The Division 2. I gave the raid a try in the hopes it would revitalise the game for me. It didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, the raid is well constructed and the boss mechanics are actually interesting.

It was better than I expected, speaking frankly. But the decision not to raise the ilvl from the raid’s drops struck me as odd. Although I suppose even had they raised it, it would have been a short lived extension to the game. So! Making it official. The Division 2 is off my list for the time being. I expect I will want to visit again when more story content comes though. :)


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Mailvaltar · May 29, 2019 at 11:25 pm

Unfortunately, and that’s one of my two biggest peeves with FFXIV, if you’re level 35 and kneedeep in ARR content right now you won’t see any of the Shadowbringers content for a long, long time. Unless they are fundamentally changing how their game is designed, but I doubt that.

I really don’t like that hard gating of content behind the main story at all. I bought Stormblood at release and would have at least liked to go and see the new housing district, check out the new classes and so on. Nope. I haven’t seen any of it to this day because I lost interest – and, to be honest, patience – with the game before we had finished the Heavensward story.

    Naithin · May 30, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    It’s quite an interesting contrast to how ESO does it — which is near enough to the complete opposite. Brand new characters are thrust into the latest expansion they own from creation. You can do any zone or area in whatever order you feel like.

    There still IS a main story to pursue, but doing so more or less completely optional. You can skip ahead to another part if you don’t like the bit you’re on.

    The tradeoff though being that you run the risk of quite a disconnected story experience. I remember starting a character with the Summerset expansion and being put into situations with characters the game clearly expected me to know and understand the importance of, but didn’t. It was largely that experience which convinced me I should just suck it up and go through in a reasonably linear fashion the full story, from the old world on.

      Mailvaltar · May 30, 2019 at 10:44 pm

      Yeah, EOS’s approach has downsides too – or possible downsides at least – but I’d still vastly prefer that to buying a new expansion and not being able to experience any of it for weeks or months to come, depending on how fast I can blaze through the preceding storylines.

      What’s worse, even if you set out to do the main story as quickly as possible the game won’t let you because you have to do dungeons and trials every so often, and those usually require a minimum iLevel. I actually ragequit once because of that and didn’t play for weeks, I was so sick of it.

        Naithin · May 30, 2019 at 11:18 pm

        Aye, I remember reading about Belghast’s experiences with the ilvl gates earlier in the year. From what I’m hearing from my friends ahead of me (through ARR and into Heavensward) the gating there seems to be removed or much improved now, even in the patch content.

        How that goes with HW -> Storm -> Shadow, I don’t yet know though.

        In any case, I think overall I agree with you. ESO’s potential problems are less of a bother overall. FFXIV having level boosters and then also questline ‘boosters’ in their real money store adds a certain level of icky-feeling to it as well.

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