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Games as a Story Media

Despite choosing an image from Final Fantasy XIV as the featured image here… And despite this conversation largely centring around Final Fantasy XIV, I’m going to endeavour to move the conversation to MMORPGs — possibly even games...

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Reorganising My Steam Library

I’ve been a little discontent with my Steam game organisation for a while now. Shortly after the Steam library update came out, I removed my manually constructed categories and went gung-ho on creating ‘dynamic collections’ using...

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E3 2021 So Far

Did you guys know E3 was going on? Because it is. It’s a whole thing! I even put together some E3 predictions as part of a collaborative post over on WCRobinson’s blog. A bunch of us submitted predictions across a spectrum of: An almost...

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Playing to a Schedule

It is not with a small amount of bemusement that I consider those seemingly able to set themselves — and follow through on — a somewhat regimented gaming schedule. The schedule can take on a number of different forms with varying...

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Looking Back on 2020 Gaming

I haven’t been at this as long as Belghast has — either blogging more generally or looking at gaming over the span of entire years. I picked up the idea from him after the 2019 edition of the post and thanks to the monthly tracking I...

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Five Game Challenge Day 18: Bleary Eyed

*blinks* Wha- What time is it? Why are you guys here in my bedroom? Oh boy. I’m really not ready for this. *rubs eyes* Right. Um. I might have some leftovers from the other night’s RimWorld play around here somewhere… Oh. No? I...

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November is Rapidly Approaching!

And I am nowhere near ready. I just had a look at what goals I’d set myself for the month and hoo-boy. I guess I can say right now though that the finish Control goal simply isn’t happening. Not without my 3080. I had specifically set...

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