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Do You Ever Just Go into a Game Blind?

It’s not something I’ve done in a while. If anything, I’m the complete opposite and have been a long time. Thinking right back to the days I was on dial-up and downloading a new MMO or game could be a multi-night affair, it became...

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Scattered to the Wind

Not too long ago, I mentioned that the plans I had been setting for myself, slowly adding layer upon layer, had started to chafe somewhat. It appears to have gone beyond that now and into a fully open flood-gate mode where everything sounds like a...

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Developer Appreciation

This week in Blaugust, it is Developer Appreciation Week. While I’m pretty content to wander off the themes, doing my own thing, I also do quite enjoy at least getting one post out for the theme of the week. I’d actually been hoping for...

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Would You Rather? — Gaming Edition

Today’s post comes yoinked straight from Krikket, images and all (with permission). In Krikket’s version of this — she answered with the understanding the restrictions would be one at a time, and only for a year. I’m going...

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Sleeping in My Chair

Bleurgh. Still haven’t shaken the cold mentioned last Friday. It in fact hit my chest and became an infection. Pretty terrible timing for it, as I had to go to the Doctor’s yesterday — the first day of our lockdown. So of course...

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Is This Thing On?

Ten days ago, I picked up a Playstation 5. I set it up that weekend, downloaded the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII: Remake and went through the process of migrating my save file across. I played for a bit, slowly remembered how to fight properly...

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Games When?

You know, I’d really like to write about games tonight. Perhaps some more Final Fantasy XIV. Or finally something about my time with Monster Hunter Stories 2! But uh… That would be a little difficult. I haven’t played anything...

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Extracting Value fr- SQUIRREL!

You know what makes it really difficult to really extract value from games? To really get into the meat and potatoes of an offering? I’ll tell you; it’s– SQUIRREL! … By which I mean to say, for those unfamiliar with UP! (for...

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Games as a Story Media

Despite choosing an image from Final Fantasy XIV as the featured image here… And despite this conversation largely centring around Final Fantasy XIV, I’m going to endeavour to move the conversation to MMORPGs — possibly even games...

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Reorganising My Steam Library

I’ve been a little discontent with my Steam game organisation for a while now. Shortly after the Steam library update came out, I removed my manually constructed categories and went gung-ho on creating ‘dynamic collections’ using...

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Playing to a Schedule

It is not with a small amount of bemusement that I consider those seemingly able to set themselves — and follow through on — a somewhat regimented gaming schedule. The schedule can take on a number of different forms with varying...

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