Below are the questions to consider in your Act 3 To the Moon play-along post (to publish from Friday 19th June). Highly recommend you don’t look at the questions until after you’ve finished Act 3 as they may contain spoilers.

Act 3 Questions

  1. Johnny… Joey… Twins. It seems after the accident Johnny lost his identity to his mother, and became a replacement-Joey. Does it change how you feel about Johnny as compared to your Act 1 impressions?
  2. Eva and Neil have a verbal sparring match on their differing views of contract vs. what they now know (or think they know) about what would make Johnny happier. Outcome of Eva’s actions notwithstanding; do you sympathise with one view over the other here?
  3. Throughout that same exchange, Eva asks Neil to trust her. He clearly didn’t. Did you?
  4. “He can always find another ‘River’… But he’ll only have one brother.” Again, pretending for the moment you don’t know the outcome of Eva’s actions and what she (suspected) would happen… Do you agree? What about in this context of overwritten memories as opposed to life as it was?
  5. Anything you wish I’d asked you about that I haven’t, for this act or any of the others? Answer that question for this one. ;)