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RNG vs. Player Agency

Luck. Probability. Random Number Generation (RNG). Love it or despise it, it’s been a part of gaming for decades. At its simplest and most extreme form the outcome is decided in entirety by the roll of the (sometimes literal) dice. It would...

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Five Favourite Game Series

Krikket posted on her five favourite game series after seeing a tweet doing the rounds asking the same. She thought it a great blog post prompt — and so do I. Except even after almost the entirety of the day thinking about it, I’m not...

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*Comforting Moo*

If you haven’t heard — The ‘Wastelanders’ update for Fallout 76 is out. It is the last of the major releases announced on the 2019 roadmap, slated for a Fall 2019 launch it has come to us a little late. But honestly if I...

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Surprise Attack!

Every once in a while, a game (or game addon) releasing imminently comes to my attention seemingly out of nowhere. Often it’s simply the case it just wasn’t one of interest — until all of a sudden it is. More rarely, a franchise I...

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