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Five Game Challenge Day 7: Looking Forward

When I first imagined this end-of-week series throughout the month, it was more along the thinking of acknowledging the games entering my awareness that were at risk of making me break the challenge. But right now at this admittedly very early juncture that doesn’t seem to actually be a...

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Five Game Challenge Day 2: Modding Skyrim

Selecting, downloading and installing mods for a Bethesda game used to be a multi-day process. I remember for Morrowind patches of spending more time in the Mod forums than actually playing the game. And then of course, once you did actually start playing it was a slow dance of trepidation and...

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Outer Worlds not so Epic-Exclusive after all

There’s actually precedent for this. The Xbox Game Pass brought Metro: Exodus to PC players as part of the subscription service very quickly following it’s release. Yep, despite the console specific name the Xbox Game Pass includes a truly impressive array of PC titles too. But Outer...

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Long War of the Chosen

XCOM 2 has held a place in my Steam ‘Favourites’ list since it came out essentially. I’ve popped into it time and again based on various prompts and triggers. The trigger this time was a desire to play through as many titles as possible to investigate how they handled the...

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Flight Simulator 2020 Delayed Hype

Some of my earliest PC memories revolve around Flight Simulator 5.0. I didn’t believe in manuals at the time, so my time learning the game initially consisted of hitting all the buttons across the keyboard working out which ones appeared to change anything. The very first time I managed to...

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Humble Monthly: October 2019

What a mix of emotions this month’s Humble Monthly brings! Overall positivity wins out, but it’s a positivity for the future as this current month’s inclusions are overwhelmingly ‘Meh’. Don’t get me wrong — if I didn’t already own Battletech,...

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Because I’m Batman!

Right, well, disappointingly in my opinion — this line was not once uttered throughout the opening episode of Telltale’s 2016 ‘Batman – The Telltale Series’. I’m holding out hope that this oversight will be rectified in the future episodes. Either way, today I...

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Cube World Resurfaces for Full Release

Well, this isn’t what I thought I’d be posting today. Frankly I didn’t think there would ever be occasion to talk about Cube World ever again except possibly in passing. But, well, here we are: A release trailer?!? If you’re unfamiliar with the history, Cube World came into...

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