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Five Game Challenge Day 4: Hunting Eidolons

I left off Warframe in a weird space. In some ways I was very advanced. I have collected the parts for, built, and leveled a good number of Prime frames. I’ve a large arsenal of weaponry. I even accumulated a significant bank of platinum through trades. But in certain other ways — I...

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Day 1: Kicking off the Five Game Challenge

This will likely be a bit of a short post — I’ve only just sat down to the computer at home now, at about 11:10pm. So I have roughly 50 minutes to get this out before I miss my post-every-day target on the very first day. If you missed it so far, the short of it is as a bit of a...

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Warframe: TennoCon 2019

Warframe constantly amazes me. Digital Extremes, the team behind it are a beacon of light in a business otherwise all too often rife with stories of corporate greed. Warframe could easily compete in the full-price AAA market, but instead runs as a completely free-to-play title. All content...

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