This has been coming for a wee while. Ever since playing Sekiro, the urge to play Nioh again has been building. Making time for it has been another matter entirely. I have been playing a bit more this month than I did last month though. Although in case you’re wondering — no, you didn’t miss the first outing with the game. Well actually you did, I guess. But it wasn’t in the lifetime of this blog.

The last time I played Nioh would’ve been the tail end of 2017. I’d somehow missed the fact it had even gained itself a PC release, but jumped right on it when I found out. I pushed through level 2 (the ‘hell level’, for new comers apparently) and a bit beyond. I’d wrapped up through most of the second area in fact. With one, significant, exception.

Tachibana Muneshige — Invitation from the Warrior of the West:
Invites you to an ‘honourable’ duel, then proceeds to cheat like nobody’s business. CHEAT I SAY.

This bugger was the true ‘hell level’ in my opinion. Stopped me in my tracks. This time through, already beaten him and on my way through the third region of the game. Even though it’d been so long since I last played, I’ve strugged far less with it this time around.

In terms of everything else going on (or not going on, as the case may be)…

Changes to the Game List


  • Nioh


  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
  • Final Fantasy XIV

Nearly Removed

  • Transport Fever


  • Tomb Raider

Assassin’s Creed is in a bit of a holding pattern until the third chapter to the Atlantis DLC is out (or is to be imminently out), but the hype for that moment is still high so I’m content to hold onto it.

Transport Fever is a bit more tentative. I acknowledged in the last journal that I wasn’t really happy with how the series was going. I thought I might take to the more general, intermittent style posting, rather than attempting it as a continuous story. But since then I’ve hardly touched it.

And Tomb Raider? Well, it’s fallen onto the wrong end of the Making Time equation. I’m still interested in it, and would like to finish the series. But now will not be the time for that it seems. It’s below the waterline in terms of time available vs. prioritised list of things I want to play.

I have no doubt it will be back… At some point. :)


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Aaron Surnaym · June 20, 2019 at 1:07 am

I played the beta of Nioh but found it more punishing than Dark Souls so I never got the full game.

I have recently heard that the final release of Nioh was much easier than the beta had been.

Do you know if thats true? How punishing a game is it?

    Naithin · June 20, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    Not sure how it compares to the beta to be honest.

    In its current state, the challenge feels to be tuned OK. Learning through level 2 and the basement of doom is a bit rough, and that boss… *cry* But if you can make it past that, you’re in for a fairly good time. Pass on the Warrior from the West side mission when it first becomes available though, and consider it closer to finishing up with region two.

    One thing I will say, is that even though there is a lot to differentiate Nioh from a souls game, I didn’t feel punished for having played a souls game, even though there are certainly some quite significant button assignment differences that you can’t really change back to a should style because then it makes the stance binds make no sense.

    With Sekiro, I felt that the souls game muscle memory was a far more active hindrance.

      Aaron Surnaym · June 20, 2019 at 7:44 pm

      Thanks! I think I might have to give Nioh a proper go!

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