Since last time, I rose to the top of the Mercenary food-chain. … Or so I thought. And more importantly, the Cult of Kosmos is no more. I will admit too, that I was legitimately surprised at how that whole saga played out. Even after collecting the majority of the clues, I still hadn’t suspected the person it ultimately turned out to be.

With those things done, I would consider all the main threads of the base game to be completed. There are dozens upon dozens of hours worth of additional side quest content available, but this is certainly more of a mixed bag when it comes to quality. I’ve done a fair share of it in my adventures throughout the ancient isles of Greece, but I have no real interest in actively pursuing the rest of it.

What I have been interested in, is finally getting to sink my teeth into the DLC. Technically I could have done it earlier. The game doesn’t require you to finish every (or really, any) thread of the main game to start. But without spoiling anything I can say that the story it presents makes a lot more sense should you wait.

Wait. Did I step back into The Witcher 3?

I was mostly excited by the prospect of digging into the game’s second major set of DLC, Fate of Atlantis.1 I was a bit more curious on the curious side about how I would find having to go through the first set of DLC, Legacy of the First Blade.2 It didn’t review very strongly at all.

I’ve avoided digging too deeply into said reviews for worry of spoilers, but from the few I did — the main complaint seemed to centre around Legacy using existing areas on the map to tell it’s story. I can kinda see this. If you had been waiting and waiting for this DLC to come, and had been exploring the map to extract every ounce of questly-value you could, and then received the DLC and it didn’t take you anywhere new… Sure.

A moment of quiet reflection on action and consequence.

That isn’t my situation though. I had it ready in full the moment I was ready for it. The area it covers was still largely new to me as the main story chain only ever briefly takes you there. So I was impressed. I’ve only completed Chapter 1 (of 3) so far. So to be sure there is certainly time for it to change my mind. But I really enjoy the story it has started to tell. I really enjoy the extension to the gameplay it offers.

Legacy of the First Blade is telling a bit of a darker story so far. I haven’t yet come to the point of controversy either. (Note: Clicking through to that will spoil the end of Chapter 2.)

I have to be honest and say that without the coverage of the issue, I probably wouldn’t even have thought twice about it on my own with the perspective through which I’m playing. Nonetheless, I applaud Ubisoft’s response to the criticism they received. It was a heck of a lot more than I expected.

I’ve had way less gaming (or writing) time this week. Seems to be a bit of a theme at beginning of each month actually, although I couldn’t tell you why. In any case, I’m OK with pacing the remaining content I have with Odyssey out a wee bit.

The first chapter of The Fate of Atlantis is out, but there is a 6 week delay between releases of the remaining chapters and I far prefer being able to binge my content, or at least have the option of setting my own pace. :)


  1. Currently sitting at 87% positive on Steam.
  2. Currently sitting at only 47% positive on Steam.


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