The Java Journey Continues

If you ever want to feel exceptionally smart for a time, go back and ‘learn’ something you’ve already learnt in the past. I tell you, it’ll do wonders for your ego when you can ‘pick up’ the concepts required in...

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Java… I Choose You!

About a month ago, right before Tales of Arise came out, I picked up a number of courses from Udemy. The itch to learn something was upon me and would not be denied! Delayed a little bit, but not denied. Honestly, I’m somewhat impressed with...

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New World, Vanilla Experience

It isn’t every day a brand new Western-developed AAA MMO lands on the scene. The last one, I think, was WildStar and that was released in 2014. Not that I have anything against Eastern-developed releases- I’m still bitterly disappointed...

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Humble Choice: October 2021

I would be willing to bet Humble Choice has been shedding subscribers rather than growing their base over the last little while. The latest numbers I can find that are specifically dated go back to 2019, when the subscriber count was given as...

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Rolling Credits on Imposter Factory

After Imposter Factory’s release delay from December 2020, I kind of lost track as to when it was due. Turns out? It was a few days ago. Steam kindly emailed me to let me know an item on my wishlist had launched. I was immediately in and...

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Time to Loot Journal: September 2021

September had the same number of days in it as any other month. More or less. But to me, it feels a lifetime ago. I barely remember the beginning of the month or writing the last journal at the end of the last. We’ve been in a stay-at-home...

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Cookie Craze

This week has been a thing of madness. The side project I referenced in my last post is wrapped up (or at least, my involvement with it is) — but it has been replaced by several more. As if some multi-headed hydra whereupon the cutting off of...

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Sucked In

Alllll the way in. Tales of Arise has me. I don’t think I’ll be playing much else until I’m finished. Well and truly it has become an All-the-Time Game. Which, while great, certainly makes coming up with posts more awkward! Being...

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Picking Something to Learn

It’s been a while now — but every so often I get the urge to go learn something new. Sometimes related to my work, sometimes just for fun. My go-to back in the day was Coursera but over the last few years, I seem to have made a switch...

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Humble Choice: September 2021

Perhaps I’m being unreasonably hard on PGA Tour 2K21 — maybe this is really your bag and the Sim Golf genre is one you just can’t get enough of. It’s possible. And if so- boy is this a Choice Bundle for you! Maybe? Probably...

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Catching up in Destiny 2

The last time I played Destiny 2 would be sometime during the Forsaken expansion. As I write this now though, the Destiny 2: Legendary Edition, which includes the Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light expansions is on sale at Humble for less than...

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Blaugust 2021 in the Rear View

One of the things I was hoping for with the delay in writing this year’s Blaugust wrap-up was that I might stumble upon some additional insight or understanding, some epiphany or pearl of wisdom I can impart — really? Just something to...

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A Blaugust Diversion

Oh boy, it’s all happening right now. I rather intentionally inserted a day’s gap between the end of the posting challenge of Blaugust and this, the next post, to give myself a bit of a break. But now I regret it! I regret everything!...

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Time to Loot Journal: Blaugust 2021

Blaugust hasn’t quite come to a close, but the challenge component of it has. For those who either love to write like Bhagpuss or who appreciate looking back at a completed challenge in the rearview like I do, the ‘requirement’ (I...

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Quiplash in Lockdown

The New Zealand COVID-19 related lockdown has continued on with daily case counts continuing to rise until just yesterday, with 83 new cases bringing the total then to 511. This was starting to be a bit of a concern. With almost two weeks of a...

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