Blogger City Anddul — Part 5

Well I say. Look at that above! Quite a bit has changed since the last title image. Including which image I’m selecting too. I don’t quite recall how I fell into the pattern of it — but I was using the end state image of the prior...

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Up at SIX…ish

I can barely conceive of the truth that it was back in February… but it was back in February when I talked about trying (*cough*) to adjust my wake up time to something a little earlier. It really didn’t work out. I might change...

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Forgot to Set ‘Out of Office’

Oops! Essentially a micro-post today. It occurred to me I hadn’t noted that I’m away this week on a family holiday. If I’d really been thinking about it, I could have scheduled something to post while I was gone. But er…...

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Eclectic Gaming Day

I noted in June’s Journal an increased sense of difficulty in blogging at the moment. Some intrinsic element of the motivation was, if not absent, then at least dramatically reduced. It seems though, that whatever this is hasn’t had an...

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To the Moon Play-Along: Minisodes

Welcome to the fourth week of the ‘To the Moon’ play-along. Again, a huge thank-you to everyone who is participating! I’ve added links to other participants posts right here and I will do so again for Minisodes posts. If I’ve missed yours, let me...

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