Anthem Next No More

*Sigh* Perhaps this news isn’t really going to come as a surprise. And I know there will be those out there who welcome this move as a good thing. But personally, I’m incredibly disappointed. Anthem Next which we first heard about...

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Into the Valencian Desert

I’ve settled into a bit of a pattern with Black Desert Online, one that seems to be working for me. It runs something like this: Start a new region (in this case, Valencia!)Allow the main quest to take me around as it will When it wills me...

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Moving Past Velia

Look, all I can say at this point is, ‘I’m sorry Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s not you. It’s me… And also Black Desert Online. We like each other more than we like you.’ Hmm. Perhaps there is a more sensitive way...

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Humble Choice: February 2021

Last month I had a bit of a grump. Shortly after that post I had another good look at what bundles have brought us of late, and yeah- there have been some disappointing months without a doubt. But you don’t have to go back too far to find...

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Time to Loot Journal: January 2021

This month, the WoW train slowed down but hasn’t quite yet rolled into station. The engines are cooled, with the pressure lowering. No more is there an insane drive to spend every moment available for gaming in WoW. But for all that- and...

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Time to Loot Turns Two

I did it again. I missed the blogiversary by a few days. But I also did it again in the sense of making it through another year of consistent blogging. Certainly, I posted less this year (I’ll get to the stats later) but I still haven’t...

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Humble Choice: January 2021

I’m not sure how globally this applies, but, under the Fair Trading Act legislature of New Zealand it is considered a breach to advertise something as ‘limited time’ or being something special when it isn’t. If a particular...

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