Sucked In

Alllll the way in. Tales of Arise has me. I don’t think I’ll be playing much else until I’m finished. Well and truly it has become an All-the-Time Game. Which, while great, certainly makes coming up with posts more awkward! Being...

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Picking Something to Learn

It’s been a while now — but every so often I get the urge to go learn something new. Sometimes related to my work, sometimes just for fun. My go-to back in the day was Coursera but over the last few years, I seem to have made a switch...

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Humble Choice: September 2021

Perhaps I’m being unreasonably hard on PGA Tour 2K21 — maybe this is really your bag and the Sim Golf genre is one you just can’t get enough of. It’s possible. And if so- boy is this a Choice Bundle for you! Maybe? Probably...

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Catching up in Destiny 2

The last time I played Destiny 2 would be sometime during the Forsaken expansion. As I write this now though, the Destiny 2: Legendary Edition, which includes the Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light expansions is on sale at Humble for less than...

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Blaugust 2021 in the Rear View

One of the things I was hoping for with the delay in writing this year’s Blaugust wrap-up was that I might stumble upon some additional insight or understanding, some epiphany or pearl of wisdom I can impart — really? Just something to...

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A Blaugust Diversion

Oh boy, it’s all happening right now. I rather intentionally inserted a day’s gap between the end of the posting challenge of Blaugust and this, the next post, to give myself a bit of a break. But now I regret it! I regret everything!...

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Time to Loot Journal: Blaugust 2021

Blaugust hasn’t quite come to a close, but the challenge component of it has. For those who either love to write like Bhagpuss or who appreciate looking back at a completed challenge in the rearview like I do, the ‘requirement’ (I...

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Quiplash in Lockdown

The New Zealand COVID-19 related lockdown has continued on with daily case counts continuing to rise until just yesterday, with 83 new cases bringing the total then to 511. This was starting to be a bit of a concern. With almost two weeks of a...

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The Shape of Motivation and Enjoyment

The featured image I chose for this post is from the EXO One Demo, in which the craft you control can shift in shape and function in service to the art of soaring above it all- skimming across clouds when you can but hardening into a ball with...

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Do You Ever Just Go into a Game Blind?

It’s not something I’ve done in a while. If anything, I’m the complete opposite and have been a long time. Thinking right back to the days I was on dial-up and downloading a new MMO or game could be a multi-night affair, it became...

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Still Sick

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet — but the COVID swab from last week came back negative, which is good news. New Zealand saw 41 new cases today, bringing us up to 148 total. Still seeing an increase in cases each day for the...

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Staying Motivated – 2021

Starting a new endeavour isn’t always easy, sure. But I would think that keeping it going is often the much more difficult part. Certainly that can be the case with Blogging — and if that matches your experience, then welcome! This is...

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Scattered to the Wind

Not too long ago, I mentioned that the plans I had been setting for myself, slowly adding layer upon layer, had started to chafe somewhat. It appears to have gone beyond that now and into a fully open flood-gate mode where everything sounds like a...

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Developer Appreciation

This week in Blaugust, it is Developer Appreciation Week. While I’m pretty content to wander off the themes, doing my own thing, I also do quite enjoy at least getting one post out for the theme of the week. I’d actually been hoping for...

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Would You Rather? — Gaming Edition

Today’s post comes yoinked straight from Krikket, images and all (with permission). In Krikket’s version of this — she answered with the understanding the restrictions would be one at a time, and only for a year. I’m going...

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Sleeping in My Chair

Bleurgh. Still haven’t shaken the cold mentioned last Friday. It in fact hit my chest and became an infection. Pretty terrible timing for it, as I had to go to the Doctor’s yesterday — the first day of our lockdown. So of course...

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