What is a ‘Play-Along’ and how does it work?

It’s another idea I’ve borrowed. Been doing that a bit lately. This time, from the book blogger world, with the original idea being a Group Read. I even (co)hosted one waaaaay back in the distant past for Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Warbreaker’.

The original idea being that the book in question is split into manageable chunks to read for a week. To read and discuss — sort of virtualisation of the even older still book club discussion, I would imagine. The host (or hosts) would set a series of questions each week that all participants would put their answers to in a post of their own.

Looking back at how the group read / read-along runs of the time were done — they were pretty regimented! With set dates to read, the questions sent in advance via email to the registered participants and a set day for the posts to go live.

This page will hold the details of any such games I host or participate in, starting with…

To the Moon

The idea to kick-off a ‘To the Moon’ play-along sprung to life May 20th 2020. Well… Sort of. The idea had been kicking around in my mind earlier than that — but that’s when I first put thought to page in any case. Turns out — there was a pretty healthy amount of interest! So May 26th 2020 I posted with some further refined information — including the dates!

The Schedule

Played PartPlay FromQuestions Up On (or Before)Publish Posts From
Act 1Saturday 30th MayMonday 1st JuneFriday 5th June
Act 2Saturday 6th JuneMonday 8th JuneFriday 12th June
Act 3Saturday 13th JuneMonday 15th JuneFriday 19th June
SigCorp – Minisodes 1 & 2Saturday 20th JuneMonday 22nd JuneFriday 26th June

The Questions

I would suggest not jumping through to the questions until after you’ve completed your play through of the segment being referred to. Some of the questions will themselves be spoilers.

The Answers

I’ll post links to everyone answer posts here as they come in and I discover them. If you have participated and I’ve somehow missed you — let me know and I’ll get you added!

Act 1:

Act 2:

Act 3:

Minisodes 1 & 2: