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The Challenge of Picking a Main

I’ve spent large swathes of time the last couple of days alternating between researching Lost Ark and Monster Hunter Rise class/weapon options. Monster Hunter Rise is certainly the more pressing of the two to...


Western Lost Ark Gets a Release Date

Look, I won’t lie. I thought the western Lost Ark release already had a date. Steam has been telling me to expect it March 31st 2022 for a while now. Although as I look...


Finding Joy in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has been something of an emotional rollercoaster for me. I don’t recall when it first entered my awareness, but I think it was no later than 2017. It might even have been...


Lost Ark to Launch in Oceania on Release After All

Hot off the presses! Amazon and SmileGate are expanding Lost Ark’s western release to include Oceania (New Zealand, Australia, etc) as part of an additional 34 countries in total, no longer being left in the cold.

E3 2021 So Far

Did you guys know E3 was going on? Because it is. It’s a whole thing! I even put together some E3 predictions as part of a collaborative post over on WCRobinson’s blog. A bunch...

Lost Ark Won’t Take My Money

Or rather, Amazon Games won’t take my money for Lost Ark. Nor anyone else’s money if they happen to come from New Zealand or Australia.

Lost Ark Coming West at Last?

Probably. This news isn’t new — I first saw the announcement some four or five days ago. But despite some outlets at the time claiming it was for sure Lost Ark, I couldn’t find...

Lost Ark: Assassin Unleashed

It seems I picked a really good time to jump into Lost Ark. Just yesterday the Assassin class launched, along with a new introductory story path which ties masterfully into the existing story.