Below are the questions to consider in your Act 2 To the Moon play-along post (to publish from Friday 12th June). Highly recommend you don’t look at the questions until after you’ve finished Act 2 as they may contain spoilers.

  1. When Eva was sitting, thinking about the reasons nothing at all changed in Johnny’s simulated memories — what conclusions do you think she reached? What conclusion did you reach?
  2. The block on the youngest memories and the use of beta blockers… What do you think this will be all about? (Or if you’ve played before; what did you think it was about?)
  3. What about Neil taking off for a moment while Eva returned with the… ahem… Contained dead squirrel odour? What could have been so important to him?
  4. We still have the third act to come. What do you think it will focus on? (Or, if you’ve played before — what did you think Act 3 would be about before you got to see it for yourself?)