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Time to Loot Journal: Blaugust 2021

Blaugust hasn’t quite come to a close, but the challenge component of it has. For those who either love to write like Bhagpuss or who appreciate looking back at a completed challenge in the rearview like I do, the ‘requirement’ (I...

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Still Sick

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet — but the COVID swab from last week came back negative, which is good news. New Zealand saw 41 new cases today, bringing us up to 148 total. Still seeing an increase in cases each day for the...

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Clearing the Journal

Last Sunday, and again yesterday when I jumped back into Final Fantasy XIV — I did so with purpose. A mission. A mission other than the Main Story Quest. The MSQ could wait. Right now I needed to do something far more pressing. Clean up the...

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Time to Loot Journal: July 2021

This month I restarted my Final Fantasy XIV journey in earnest and discovered just how remarkably close I was to the turning point in the story. If I had just pushed even a little bit harder when I was last playing, I would’ve been through...

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Time to Loot Journal: June 2021

Half the year is over already. Crazy. Meanwhile, at work we wrap-up one financial year and begin the kick-off activities for the next. Booooriiiiing. (Well no, it isn’t- but probably would be for you.) Around here, for the blog, I made some...

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WoW 9.1 Dated

Cutting straight to the chase — It’s June 29th, with the raid opening July 6th. So if you’re still interested in WoW’s 9.1 ‘Chains of Dominance’ patch, there you go. Not long to go now. Of course, if you’re...

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A Better MMO

Kaylriene recently posted on Sandboxes and Themeparks. I love reading the different perspectives people have on this sort of topic. World view can be so incredibly different based on your own experiences and when you started. This particular topic...

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