“Oh no…”

Naithin realising he has to do an ‘About’ page again and has no-one to blame but himself.

‘Time to Loot’?

It’s a play on two things really.

  1. Time to Live — a measure of how long a packet traveling over the internet (or other network) is set to ‘live’ for before it is deemed to have become lost or so delayed it would likely no longer be useful without revalidation, and
  2. Time to Kill — a metric for games measuring the length of time required on average to kill something. Often used in a PvP sense (e.g. opinion held that Battlefield V had reduced the TTK too low at launch, making it less enjoyable for some — particularly newer players who just didn’t have a chance to properly react before dying). Can be used in a PvE sense too though, as a measure against when a game has traveled too far down the path of feeling ‘bullet-spongy’.

So what do I mean by Time to Loot?

Well, I guess you could apply it to a number of measures. e.g., average time between legendary drops or average time between useful drops perhaps. An interesting measure that latter one as the better geared you become the longer the gaps in useful loot and the longer that measure becomes.

It could be the length of time from starting out in the game til you start seeing loot interesting to you.

But mostly, it is a name I found mildly amusing and majorly shocking to find the domain still available. So without really thinking about it too much more than that, I picked it up!

Still interested to find out more about what I’ll cover? Check out my introduction post, ‘Hello!‘ and/or take over a look to the right. The sidebar there will show the games I’m currently actively interested in and posting about.

Otherwise, Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Wait! What about ‘Naithin’?

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Eesh. I put some info down in the footer you could look at?

Still need more? Aw man. 

This isn’t my first adventure in blogging by any stretch – but I have (as of the beginning of 2019) been on… Oh, about a 5-year break. I used to blog for WoW primarily 2009-2012, before branching out to general gaming until early 2014.

Overlapping the game blogs, I was a contributing author to Jaedia’s book blog project where I focused primarily on Fantasy and Science Fiction.

From the above you can likely gather that my interests lie in the areas of Gaming and Reading–and they do. But also writing, although I’m prone to impressive bouts of procrastination from time-to-time.

Outside of all that, I’m a father of two boys, husband, and full-time worker.

If I’m missing something here of interest, let me know! ;)