If you’ve not heard the term before, a ‘succession game’ is where you play a singleplayer game (or game mode) in a single save, but as a co-operative group — in turns.

I was first introduced to this concept back in the hey-day of Civilisation IV, while perusing the CivFanatics Forums on how to improve my game and push into higher difficulties successfully.

Essentially how it works in the context of Civilisation is that each player controls for a set number of turns. Once their turns are up, their reign is over and they bundle up the save game and package it off to the next player, for their reign.

While I’ve not explicitly heard of this concept being done in other games, I’m sure it has. And there are many where the idea could work. e.g., XCOM 2 — could potentially play such that a player does as much as they want to in the base stage (purchase items, research decisions, etc) and then a single mission. Upon mission completion — save the game and package up for the next person to do their base prep and mission. Host would likely complete the opening mission and play on their turn from there as if it hadn’t happened.

In any case! This page will hold the details of any such games I host or participate in, starting with…

Long Live the Queen!

Season 1 of the Blogger Succession Game for Civilisation 6. (Yes- I expect there to be more. :))

The planning for this one kicked-off April 25th 2020, after a round of posts from various bloggers indicated Civilisation as being amongst their favourite game series. I took to the Blaugust Discord and asked around, gauged interest and found some takers. So a day later, we started laying out the rules (mostly by random selection!) and a couple of days after that, the game was afoot!

The Participants

  1. Naithin (Me!)
  2. Rakuno
  3. Paeroka
  4. Tessa (aka Endalia)
  5. Krikket
  6. UnwiseOwl
  7. Rambling Redshirt
  8. Kanter

The Game