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Blapril 2020 in the Rear View

Alright, not quite in the rear view. We still have until Saturday, and I’ll certainly be aiming to keep up the cadence of daily posts until then. Within the timeframe of Blapril (March 29th through to May 9th) this will be my 39th post. If I...

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Fixing The Comments by Removing ‘Luv

A bit of a short one today. Recently Quietschisto brought to my attention a problem that I am now certain has existed a long time. Probably since very shortly after setting up last year in fact. It was pretty well invisible to me as from my side...

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Top Five Least Viewed Posts

Every coin has it’s flip side, and so to does this. If we covered the top five most viewed posts yesterday, then it must be time to look now at the least viewed. Certainly that’s what the originator of this now blogger meme —...

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The Value in Bla(pril/ugust)

Last night, Bhagpuss posted on the subject of the recent wave of expressions of exhaustion. I read it while I was out of the house so couldn’t respond in much detail at the time. Now, much of what Bhagpuss wrote — I agree with…

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Increasing Script Efficiency #2

Late last year, the blog came under attack and required that I work with my host’s support team to implement additional site security. And then, while we were at it, improve efficiency of the scripts. Fortunately, there has been no further...

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Added a Blapril 2020 Page

Sure — it’s like… 10 days 11 days (by the time you see this) in, but to be fair — I did actually create it a few days ago! One of the things WordPress bloggers often look on with envy at their Blogger counterparts is the...

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The Real Neat Versatile Blogger Award

I had an issue. But I turned it into an opportunity, so don’t worry. Both Tessa/Endalia AND Solarayo nominated me for different awards. Tessa tagged me for Versatile Blogger Award. And I thought… What better way to demonstrate...

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I Don’t Know

‘What, don’t you know?’ You might ask. Many things, I would be forced to concede. Right now though? The topic of this post in particular. Or at least I didn’t know, right up until I made not knowing the point of the post. I...

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Blogger Recognition Award – 2020

What a set of happy coincidences. In my neck of the woods, we’re well into the first day of April. And so to my mind, the first ‘real’ day of Blapril. Although officially, it started with the week in a preparatory mode. This...

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