Below are the questions to consider in your To the Moon Minisodes play-along post (to publish from Friday 26th June). Highly recommend you don’t look at the questions until after you’ve finished the Minisodes as they may contain spoilers.

You know what?

I only really have two questions after that. And one of them is, ‘WTF?!’ but with about a million more question and exclamation marks.


OK, the questions:

  1. Protesters. Perhaps not too surprising to find they exist in this world. Many of us were not entirely comfortable with the concept of what Sigmund Corp does. What did you think about getting a look behind the curtain as it were, and seeing some of the responses of the employees?
  2. For how short these two (aptly named) Minisodes were — we were given a LOT to wonder about, from Ghost Eva on the road, to Neil’s mum or dad on the phone, to what on earth he was doing with the memory unit in his office to… whatever it was that happened post-credits. So, yeah… My extended version of the ‘WTF?’ question is: What do you think is happening? Speculate wildly!