I mentioned back in the April Journal that playing Sekiro was, more than anything else, making me want to play Nioh again. But I didn’t really act on it at the time. I didn’t feel like I had the time for it, and instead mentally slotted it into a short-term backlog. This is not an unusual cycle for me to go through. It also happened with Final Fantasy XIV, just since this blog has been alive.

It doesn’t always happen that way though. Sometimes it’s more of a spontaneous, ‘I want to so by golly I’m going to’ type arrangement, as was the case with Transport Fever when I wanted to play something more tycoony again.

In any case, I digress! With this post I don’t mean to talk about creating more total time to spend gaming. But rather about prioritisation. Fitting the games I want to play into the time I have, and the ones that get dropped as a result.

I was reflecting on this and how things may’ve changed since I started blogging again. And how it hasn’t. I think for the most part I’ve simply become more aware of it now that it can have a fairly direct impact on what I write about here. I certainly believed my game choices to be fairly random previously, but in truth the same patterns were followed.

Perhaps just a little more… Quickly. I found that before the rate at which I would flip games was much higher.

Either way, it does have the rather poor side effect of meaning that I rarely finish a game. I imagine there being a sort of seesaw style graph where interest in the current game and interest in a new game intersect, and eventually tips from current to new. Typically well before the current is finished.

The strength of interest in the current game can shift where the tipping point is precisely, but it’s a rare thing indeed to have it occur after I finish a game.

I guess the question then becomes is this actually a bad thing if fun is still being had? I tend to view incomplete games as a negative, but also simply as a fact of life. I would never have time to play everything I wanted to if I insisted on finishing everything I started… So perhaps it’s actually OK.

But there is no other entertainment medium I’d apply this to. I finish books. I finish movies. Generally even TV shows. I couldn’t imagine even trying to apply a taster style approach to these… So why games?


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Rakuno · June 7, 2019 at 4:00 am

I have the same problem. I start a new game fully intending to finish it then before I notice it I went to play something else and completely forgot about the previous game. It isn’t even new games either, some times it is just a game I used to play and I got a crave to play it again.

In my case, I do have ADD, so that might be the reason for it. It still pretty frustrating though, specially when friends have finished a game, they are having a nice conversation about it and I can’t join in because I haven’t played it to the end yet!

    Naithin · June 7, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Yup, often it is a desire to return to a previous game for me too. Which is another quite significant difference for me between games and other entertainment media. I find almost nil value in returning to an old show, book or movie just for its own sake. I will happily rewatch something I’ve enjoyed previously with someone who hasn’t — but I wouldn’t watch something again on my own.

    I suppose that might be down to the incompletion aspect though; for a game I’ve completed before it is quite rare that I would want to revisit that as well. (Unless, possibly, it’s part of a New Game+ or higher difficulty with new stuff type thing.)

    I don’t think ADD has any play in this for me, but I suppose I can’t rule it out 100%. It is an ‘issue’ (if we even think it is an issue) for me only in the context of games, really. I think I put it down to a large degree to being so spoilt for choice!

    Back in the day when I could only buy one game every few months, I played the craaaaap out of each title. ;)

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