Humble Monthly: June 2019

Humble Monthly: June 2019

For last month’s introduction, I spoke a bit about how there seemed to be less ‘quality’ titles willing to go into the Humble Monthly. Even though I was talking mostly about the non-headliners, I still had a bit of a giggle when CoD was revealed in that pack. ;)

Originally, the version of CoD to be included was to be the Battle edition, which includes the core multiplayer experience and the battle-royale mode ‘Blackout’, but not zombies. At some point over the month, this was upgraded to the standard edition — so Zombies ahoy!

July Headline Titles

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Legitimate excitement at seeing this included. It has been in my steam cart on multiple occasions, just never at a time when I was quite willing to indulge my impulse-purchase side over and above the possibly more rational, ‘But I have scores of games still untouched already!’ side.

I think I will have to make time for this one. Perhaps I can finish Nioh (incidentally, another Ninja Theory title As SpiderProvider correctly pointed out in the comments below, these are not from the same studio!) this month before the bundle lands.


Moonlighter reminds me a great deal of Recettear in concept, although some of the execution looks quite different. You are a shopkeeper by trade, adventurer by night. With a bit of the social and town systems of Stardew Valley possibly thrown in there too.

Moonlighter recently had a ‘Switch’ announcement, which for this style of game is by far my preferred platform. Something about the style just lends itself so well to the more portable nature of the Switch. Plus I suppose when I’m at the PC I typically want to be playing something a little more demanding.

Even so, it’s another one I’m quite happy to receive and take a little look at, to see if I do want it on Switch. As unfortunately, titles there are typically much pricier than their PC counterparts.

Revealed Titles

911 Operator after a quick look actually seems like it could be pretty decent. It had never crossed my radar before, but it came out early 2017 and looks to have been fairly well received at the time. It has a nice touch of being able to download any city map in the world to play on. I wonder if it has some integration with Google Maps for this? In any case, not sure if it’ll surface to the top of my ‘want to play’ list sufficiently to find time for it, but it doesn’t look bad.

Duskers also looks interesting. This one had crossed my radar in the past, but I never quite pulled the trigger on purchase. It’s a game at least in part played through a command line console. … In spaaaaace. You’re in control of a series of drones, investigating a derelict ship. The crew is gone without a trace. Signs of damage throughout. Most of the power is down. But something is moving in there.

Of the revealed titles, those are the two most likely to get a look-in. The others will almost certainly be straight dumped to the ‘Humble Monthly – Never Played’ steam category. ;)

Red Faction is a series I missed in its hey-day, but the remastered — sorry, remarstered edition doesn’t look especially compelling to me. I think this series though was the forerunner for the hyper-destructive 3D environments before there was a Just Cause.

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4 thoughts on “Humble Monthly: June 2019”

  1. Laziness saw me picking up the June bundle via sub, so I’m pretty pleased it now comes with the Zombies mode that might be the only thing of interest to me. A 132 gb install forms a barrier to get over another time though.

    Feeling pretty mixed about the remaining games, I had already bought 911 Operator on a Steam sale; it was fun, and worth it at 75% off for short term entertainment, but no one likes to see repeats in their bundles. Also repeated was the Red Faction game, which I’ve never found the time to try either way. Much of the rest just seem like filler.

    The only saving grace for me is Duskers. I wanted to try it but held off because sales hadn’t dropped it down far enough yet, and I suspected it would eventually find its way to HB.

    Ditto Senua’s Sacrifice, so the July bundle looks much more promising.
    Jeromai recently posted…GW2: Plenty of Problems, But This Ain’t One of ‘EmMy Profile

    • The install size for CoD was such that I took to google to see if I could find a reason for it. It is an obscenely large size for a game. Nothing was immediately forthcoming on the matter, just that we should — if past is any indicator — expect large patch download sizes as well.

      Ah well, I’ll give it a spin. I set it to downloading earlier today, so it is an obstacle that has been overcome for now.

      Otherwise, yeah. Looking forward much more to July’s bundle. Hopefully I’ll find some time to slot Duskers in as well though!

  2. Nioh is a Team Ninja game, not Ninja Theory (one is Japanese, the other British). Also, your link to Pool Panic links to Paratropic. June’s bundle has a great variety imo, with some genre defying oddities and some bulk standard safe options. July’s looks pretty good too.

    • Thanks SpiderProvider! Fixed reference and link.

      June was saved for me with the inclusion of Duskers, but I’m certainly looking a lot more forward to July’s. :)

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