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Humble Choice: September 2021

Perhaps I’m being unreasonably hard on PGA Tour 2K21 — maybe this is really your bag and the Sim Golf genre is one you just can’t get enough of. It’s possible. And if so- boy is this a Choice Bundle for you! Maybe? Probably...

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Humble Choice: August 2021

Hmm. This month might be one to pause. But I suppose it depends where your interests lie. There is no ‘headline’ title this time around. No big-name, AAA, everyone-wanted-it-last-year title to make this a no brainer for a large set of...

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Humble Choice: July 2021

It’s at times like this when I have to wonder — not for the first time — if I might be something of a sucker. In my last Humble Choice post, which incidentally wasn’t for June, I was close to cancelling. Then, with a growing...

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Humble Choice: May 2021

I’ve been putting this one off, honestly. In the comments of the April bundle, I said the May bundle would be a decider for me. A decider on whether or not to pull the lever on canceling my Humble Choice subscription. I’ve been getting...

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Humble Choice: April 2021

I’m looking for a word- or maybe a phrase. A way to express in the strongest way possible the feeling of, ‘Eh. It’s alright.’ Although even as I put words to that, I begin to doubt it. I’m sort of bouncing between that...

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Humble Choice: March 2021

March’s bundle has some high-highs, and some fairly low-lows. But none so low as December 2020. (Seriously, what the hell Humble?) If you don’t yet own the top-picks then it’s a fairly easy choice to not pause this month in my...

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Humble Choice: February 2021

Last month I had a bit of a grump. Shortly after that post I had another good look at what bundles have brought us of late, and yeah- there have been some disappointing months without a doubt. But you don’t have to go back too far to find...

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Humble Choice: January 2021

I’m not sure how globally this applies, but, under the Fair Trading Act legislature of New Zealand it is considered a breach to advertise something as ‘limited time’ or being something special when it isn’t. If a particular...

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Humble Choice: December 2020

Disappointing. Perhaps disappointing for any month — but particularly disappointing for the month of Christmas. It isn’t that there isn’t anything at all in here worth the price of admission. Just… The rational value...

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Humble Choice: August 2020

Hmmmm. August 2020’s bundle is… Not great. If not for the top two picks (for me) of Vampyr and Wargroove there is no doubt I would have paused this month. But that’s jumping ahead a little perhaps! Not too much else to say though...

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Humble Choice: June 2020

‘Eh’. That’s my summary of this month’s humble choice. You’re welcome. Oh alright. I guess I can muster a few more words on the matter and some semblance of a list. There are a couple of items this month which just...

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Humble Choice: May 2020

Alright, so I’m a little late on this one. The new choices came out a couple of days ago now but dangit I really wanted to get the top five most/least viewed posts out and out together. In that time, Magi put his thoughts up over on The...

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Humble Choice: April 2020

Nothing as exciting as the news around the time of last month’s Humble Choice where I got myself a new(ish) Electric Vehicle. If anything the timing has turned out to be rather amusing given both the lockdown preventing any real driving from...

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Humble Choice: March 2020

Before jumping into the meat and potatoes of the Humble Choice post for this month, a confirmation! Just the other day, I noted that I was very likely to be the owner of a new Electric Vehicle before the weekend was out. This came after discovering...

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Humble Choice: February 2020

The February 2020 Humble Choice pack is here, and it looks really strong for the top few picks. Possibly a little too strong as the big two are ones I, and possibly you, already own. With that being the case, a ‘Pause’ month gets at...

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