• Warframe: Complete the restoration and build of my Railjack space craft, ready for when the patch comes that’ll let us fly that sucker.

Done! First of the month’s goals complete. All six Railjack components found, scanned, and reconstructed in the Clan Dojo.

Currently my rarest achievement! Although the completion percentage will definitely come up over time.

I had thought at first that the new materials released with the Railjack update, and required to build it would be quite the drag. But this thankfully turned out to not be the case. The worst of it was probably the mining — there were two new minerals required. One from the Plains of Eidolon and another from Fortuna.

But they dropped in pretty good quantities (up to 10, without any kind of resource booster) and so didn’t take long.

If you’re up to requiring the Pustrels and/or Copernics know that they’re always from the red mining veins. Pustrels from Eidolon and Copernics from Fortuna.

You can use a technique called ‘speed mining’ in which you basically paint the nodes with your mining laser rather than trying to hold on each spot for the perfect release timing. You obtain less of a yield per node, but the time savings are thought to make up for it.

And because the minerals you want for the Railjack can only come from the red nodes, you can choose to ignore blue entirely if you want to.

However since I didn’t do any mining last time I played, I just strip mined every cave I went into. I spent the time to attempt perfect mines on red and speed mined blue just to clear them off the map while still getting some of their resources.

At first I thought I might’ve undercooked the month’s goals with completing this so quickly though.


I think the balance might actually prove to be pretty well spot on. This gives me a few days to indulge in some play flexibility before Dec 12th when Transport Fever 2 comes out and the next goal kicks into life.

Wrapping around that, I have the bonus goal if trying to finish The Outer Worlds before month end.

I mean, we’re still pretty early in on the month to really assess the success of my *cough* ‘planning’ here, but it’s feeling about right so far.


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