Clearing the Journal

Last Sunday, and again yesterday when I jumped back into Final Fantasy XIV — I did so with purpose. A mission. A mission other than the Main Story Quest. The MSQ could wait. Right now I needed to do something far more pressing.

Clean up the Quest Journal.

I’d chipped at it here and there before, unlocked some of the end-of-Heavensward dungeons, that kind of thing. But there was still so much there! I’d left a lot behind from A Realm Reborn and it was getting to the point where I couldn’t pick up any more for the journal being full.

And these were of course just the Blue Quest markers — ones that unlock things. Where ‘things’ can be anything from a dungeon or raid through to new game mechanics. So I wasn’t keen to just drop ’em! They had to be done, and it seemed like the time was now.

Which set me down the path of unlocking… a range of things. I think I spent the most time on the various beast tribes.

I don’t know why, looking back now in retrospect, but I had thought the whole Beast Tribe ‘thing’ was something introduced in one of the later expansions, if not the latest – Shadowbringers.

I took each one through to the point of bringing up the big ‘Beast Tribe Quests Unlocked’ toast message with the accompanying BOINK sound.1

After that, I left them be and dropped the quest lines. I figure if I later work out I actually need something from any of them it’ll be easy enough to head to the appropriate base of operations and start the questing from there.

Dungeons and Beast Tribes weren’t all I got up to though!

I also unlocked another couple of classes — Gunbreaker (which jumps straight to level 60) and Mechanist (which only goes to 30). I add these to the also recently unlocked Dark Knight and Astrologian classes (both of which start at level 30).

There are four classes I still haven’t unlocked on this character yet — Scholar, Dancer, Red Mage and the special Blue Mage job.

Bard still leads the way though at level 65, which puts me in a good spot for still not having to do any sidequests through Stormblood. Yay!

Beyond all this though; I also unlocked access to the first turns of the Bahamut and Alexander raids. I haven’t started down into the Bahamut raids yet, but I have done the first turn of Alexander’s. And it went really quickly! Both in terms of the queuing and the run itself. I was surprised, actually.

Without looking into the details, I was curious how many separate instances there were. Turns out? A looot. So it makes a little more sense now.

My quest log is hardly empty. But I do have it down to 10/30 which it appears is enough to start the itch for forward momentum through the MSQ again. Perhaps I’ll queue for the raid steps as I go, though. :)


  1. I spent altogether too long trying to find another onomatopoeia for this noise. But I still think that is the most accurate, even if it is completely unhelpful if you’ve not heard it.


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