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Merry Christmas!

A smarter, more prepared person would’ve put some time and thought into this post before… you know… Today. But nonetheless, Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, as you prefer for your circumstances. :) Whatever your plans for...

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Changes at Home

A week since the last post. A post in which, I took on a challenge for myself which involves attempting to post every day for the month of November. … Hm. That probably doesn’t bode well. But there are reasons beyond a simple lack of...

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Damnit… RMA Required on my RTX 3080

Taking on initial release iterations of hardware in a new generation is always a gamble. In this case, it’s a gamble I lost. After securing one of the apparently very few actually available RTX 3080 cards on launch day for my new PC build...

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New PC Build!

I started a new post-draft a few days ago titled, ‘In a Holding Pattern’. It was going to talk to the fact that since making the firm decision to upgrade my PC I was starting to feel that detached drift from any activities on this PC...

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Upgrade Time Ahoy!

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in the PC hardware arena right now. Not just the normal level of stuff either, I don’t think. Sure- it is easy enough to say that there is ALWAYS some upgrade-or-another right on the horizon and be...

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Slinging Rocks in Elite Dangerous

It looks like much of my gaming mojo has returned, if not (yet) the posting to follow. I think, though, that the new (much) lower rate of posting had in itself started to be habit forming. So here’s a post to try break the cycle! And despite...

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FOMO Is a Powerful Motivator

I made a call not to participate in the every-day version of this year’s Blaugust Promptapalooza. I will be participating, just not every day. I still think this is the right call for me and where I’m at right now. But hoo boy! I was...

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Up at SIX…ish

I can barely conceive of the truth that it was back in February… but it was back in February when I talked about trying (*cough*) to adjust my wake up time to something a little earlier. It really didn’t work out. I might change...

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Forgot to Set ‘Out of Office’

Oops! Essentially a micro-post today. It occurred to me I hadn’t noted that I’m away this week on a family holiday. If I’d really been thinking about it, I could have scheduled something to post while I was gone. But er…...

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Using Discord — Without Being Overwhelmed

There have been a number of posts recently expressing how difficult it can be to manage or otherwise integrate Discord into common usage without becoming overwhelmed by it all. With no real barriers in creating a Discord server, it is easy to see...

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The Personality File

Tessa aka Endalia over at Princess in a Castle recently posted on an interesting little personality match quiz thing. I had a little play around with it on the night Tessa posted it and then put it aside. I considered making a post around it,...

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I’m Not a Writer

Not really. Not in the way that real writers feel an actual drive to write. I don’t mean to say this as an ‘Oh boohoo, please validate me’ way either. I’m not at all upset by this realisation. But it’s a thought that...

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Today COVID-19 Became Real to Me

Not because I, or someone close to me, has contracted it I hasten to add. The number of confirmed cases in NZ while having more than doubled in the last two days, is still low overall at 28. There have been no detected cases of community infection,...

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Humble Choice: March 2020

Before jumping into the meat and potatoes of the Humble Choice post for this month, a confirmation! Just the other day, I noted that I was very likely to be the owner of a new Electric Vehicle before the weekend was out. This came after discovering...

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Going Electric

Come the end of this weekend — I’m very likely to be the owner of an Electric Vehicle (EV). I mentioned looking into this about this time last month. I’ve been interested in going electric for my daily-use car for some time now,...

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Very Much NOT Up at Five

OK, that’s a pretty large image. I wasn’t even sure an animated GIF would even work there. But it did. So here we are. … Hehe. *cough* Anyway. A few days ago I woke up quite early. Not something I do without a pretty solid reason,...

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Up at Five

I woke up at 5:00am today. Not only that, I got out of bed. On a Saturday. With no particular reason for having to do so. Overall, not an experience I would recommend. It still blows my mind that there are people out there who do this regularly on...

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