In last month’s Humble post, I talked about how it serves as quite a good buffer against impulse buying. Clearly, it’s not infallible. Some titles I’m going to pick-up given enough of a sale or other incentive. The verdict from last month’s Humble Bundle Monthly was to continue the subscription, so here we are for another round.

May Headline Titles

The format of my original post worked well for starting the series where I needed to detail the headline titles of both the current bundle and the upcoming. As a continuing series though, I think the most important Headliners are those coming in the next bundle. They will generally be your decision point to subscribe, unsubscribe, or potentially even pay early for the month to unlock them immediately.

So without further ado, the newly revealed Headline Title, available now for early unlock is:

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

For $12, I could not recommend this more strongly if you don’t already own a copy.

It is the first in the modern iterations of Assassin’s Creed where the series started down more of an RPG track. Very lightly touched upon in Origins and then expanded further in Odyssey. A great place to get started into the series, too.

I do already own a copy, but I’m still excited for this to show up in the Monthly Bundle as an opportunity to give my eldest son a chance to go through it as well.

Revealed Titles

It’s another unfortunate month on the revealed titles (for me). None of these were on my radar or even in general awareness.

The most interesting of the bunch appears to be Steel Rats. It looks like a cross between an old-school side-scrolling brawler like Double Dragon and motorbike stunt game series, Trials.

Honestly though, they will probably all end up in my general dumping-ground category of, ‘Humble Monthly Obtained’. A graveyard of titles never to be looked at again absent external provocation to do so.

Humble Monthly Survives to May

It is unusual for there to be only one early access title. At least in recent history. Lucky for them, even though it is one I personally own, I still want it.

Otherwise a different decision might’ve reached this time around!


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