I resisted moving Anthem off the side-panel ‘Games of Interest’ block even after declaring my time done with it in the immediate future. I resisted in large part because I was still interested to see how it would unfold from here. How the early roadmap might play out.

I’ve changed my mind. I don’t care. I can’t care. You might have seen the Anthem expose article from Jason Schrier already, if not, Asmiroth wrote a most excellent condensation of the article. Asmiroth covered essentially everything I would have, had I not been distracted by another post topic on the night.

The revelations of the article give me a mixed sense of optimism that — if given the time — that the Anthem ship may yet me turned around. That’s a mighty big ‘if’ truthfully. But it isn’t this doubt that is the other part of the ‘mix’ I was talking about. The other part is a sense of betrayal. The much vaunted dev transparency for Anthem was a sham. An absolute have.

The worst part is of course being an active participant in the sham. There were many clues early on. I don’t just mean in hindsight, either. When the revelation was made that there would be no inventory, no loot display, nothing of the kind while ‘playing’ the game was made. When this was presented as a ‘design’ decision I remember thinking it incomprehensible that any developer — especially one experienced with RPGs like BioWare — would actually make that call.

When the demo rolled around and there was a load screen to access the inventory? That suspicion clicked more firmly in place, and yet still hope was held onto. Ah well. Live and learn. I still hope to be able to reinstall some day in the future for a great, more complete experience.

Full Changes to the Game List


  • Anthem
  • The Elder Scrolls Online

Nearly Removed

  • Final Fantasy XIV


  • Far Cry: New Dawn
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  • Tomb Raider (2013)

I didn’t login to The Elder Scrolls Online at all last month, with Final Fantasy XIV taking the MMO spot in my life. Nothing has put me off ESO, it’s entirely likely I’ll be back. Just… not now.

FFXIV itself is living on the edge with no major activity from me in a while. Still. I hold hope that I’ll get back to it again soon. Not having to do any side-quests is such a win for me.

As to the others I added? I suspect they’ll be short-lived, all being one-and-done campaign style games. Tomb Raider I’ve gone right back to the start of the current trilogy though. I never quite finished it at the time, but going to give it a go again now that the entire series is available. :)


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Asmiroth · April 9, 2019 at 2:08 am

Anthem sold a fair chunk of boxes. Not nearly enough to make any news headlines (EA loves to publish sales data when it’s good news), but enough.

Anthem will fail as a “game as a service”, in the market volume sense, unless some significant changes are applied. Destiny/Division “games as as service” are laser focused on a particular market. That market is the exact one that Anthem is actively pushing away.

I am ultra curious for the month of April and how BioWare responds to this non-stop avalanche of critique. In the business sense, much more than the game sense. As bad as this is, it’s not watershed. EA hasn’t said a word yet. Still…

Related to adding games: give Celeste or Return of Obra Dinn a check. They are way different indie games, but a whole ‘nother level of quality.

    Naithin · April 9, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    I would love to know what the current count of Anthem units shipped looks like, and whether they’re including the Origin Premier uptake in those figures.

    Perhaps I’m silly, but I still think Anthem has an OK future ahead of it. Just… not any time soon.

    In any case, Celeste and Obra Dinn are both titles on my wish list! Celeste in particular I’ve almost pulled the trigger on purchasing a few times. I’m not a huge platformer guy, but the story and rest of the package still make it sound very appealing.

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