*blinks* Wha- What time is it? Why are you guys here in my bedroom? Oh boy. I’m really not ready for this. *rubs eyes* Right. Um. I might have some leftovers from the other night’s RimWorld play around here somewhere… Oh. No? I already covered everything there? Hmm. Well… This is awkward.

This week has been particularly busy in my defense! Still managing the house, Interviewing candidates for a new role at work, working through the final delivery sprint of a fairly major project (also for work) and trying to keep a good handle on my present team’s needs throughout it all. Phewph. Upon reflection, it’s not too surprising evening naps have become a thing of late.

Skyrim: A game I’m starting to miss again after just a few days!

I think unrelated to the general busyness and more to do with the separation in days between when the games I was extremely hyped for and now — but the intense desire to jump into them right now has all but passed me by.

Jumping into RimWorld just for something different may’ve helped as something of a palate cleanser too, though. I had to push myself into it to start with — but only for all of about 5-minutes, after which I was right in there.

Now I just need more time to actually get in there and enjoy some more of it! Although as noted in the caption, I’m also missing Skyrim again!

… I really can’t wait for the weekend.

… And I really, really can’t wait for the Christmas holidays. We have a general company shutdown for a few weeks over Christmas and New Years, and it’s glorious.

Soon. SOON!


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