Five Game Challenge Day 19: Giants Riding Dragons

I almost didn’t notice at first. But that Dragon is being ridden by a Giant. I just happened to be able to snap off this shot because I’d opened the favourites menu to switch to bow, with the odd pair just sort of… right there in front of me.

After unpausing, and having the Dragon fly around and show them at other angles it becomes increasingly clear that this is not an intended interaction, certainly not by the base game and probably not by any of the mods I have installed either. The giant seemed to have a bit of a bad day and fall off somewhere in the distance as the dragon came around for another loop.

This is the full, original version of the screenshot.

It was nice jumping back into Skyrim for a bit, but it was a very short play session tonight. I caught this dragon shot and fight while heading out from Whiterun to help out a Redguard woman being hunted by the Alik’r — a bunch of rather no good assassins, it would seem.

I’d managed to work out where their boss was hiding, and was heading out his way to give him a piece of my mind over what I thought about the current situation and the antics of his men.

I’ve been warned repeatedly that this is a no good, very bad idea.

But I didn’t quite make it there this play session; so we’ll have to see whether this was advice or simple scare-mongering the next time I jump in. Hopefully soon, given Friday ahoy! :D


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