A week since the last post. A post in which, I took on a challenge for myself which involves attempting to post every day for the month of November. … Hm. That probably doesn’t bode well. But there are reasons beyond a simple lack of motivation or even being bummed that I still don’t have my RTX 3080 back from the clutches of the RMA process.

Saturday before last, my wife managed to break her ankle while on a bush walk. Well- I say ankle, but more accurately the break was in both the Tibia and the Fibula near the ankle. It has been quite the ordeal with the surgery taking place only last Friday to remove the shattered bone and insert the necessary metalware to hold the rest of it all together.

From there it still took a few more days before ready to come home — she was able to just Monday this week. Things have certainly been much happier for everyone since then and concerns over the lack of an adjustable bed at home or around pain management more generally haven’t become issues thankfully.

Nothing to do with the current post. But picture needed!

Much happier to be sure — but still far from normal. And I will also say, the entire experience so far has given me even more of an appreciation for all my wife does for the family! The road to recovery is likely to be a long one, as she won’t be allowed to bear any weight at all on that leg for (it seems at this stage) 6-8 weeks. And even at that point it’s likely to be ‘touch only’ for an unknown additional period of time. So well into the new year. Obviously tough for my wife, but beyond that — as tired as I might be — it’s worse still for the kids I think. Particularly the youngest who still struggles to fully comprehend that Mum can’t just pop-up to look at something in his room or help find something.

In any case — life will eventually return to normal. And in the grand scheme of things, we’re still pretty lucky. For now though, time and energy are certainly at a premium. Will I still get through a series of daily posts next month? Don’t know! It’s still my goal. I wrote that post with the situation in mind, although perhaps with a little more optimism than might’ve been warranted. ;)

I might just have to shift my writing time from evening to morning but that’s an idea I’ve been considering for a while in any case. :)


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Asmiroth · October 24, 2020 at 7:44 am

Jeepers thats a family curve ball. Hope the recovery is as smooth as possible!

    Naithin · October 24, 2020 at 11:30 am

    Thanks! We’ll get there. Will take a while, but is all good. :) Has brought back a lot of memories of the stuff we had to do when I broke the neck of my femur a few years ago. That was also quite a lengthy recovery.

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