Probably a bit of a quicker update tonight. Left it perhaps a little later than is advisable to start writing. Given that, really, I should be heading to bed now. Anywho!

Roughly where we left things last night.

So yes. Carrying on from yesterday. No food. Crops still at least a few days out from being ready to harvest. Heck, the butcher’s table wasn’t even built yet — and we didn’t have the wood already in storage.

But I do just want to clarify one thing now: We didn’t eat the Corgis.

This tiger did it!

Blasted tiger was roaming around our camp. So far — there had been no issues with the wildlife. Even as we took their food from them- oh hold on. I think I see what happened here… Hmm.

In any case, here is that same tiger in a different shot.

Yes. I understand, this might be a problematic shot given the real world issues here. But in the context of this game and this in-game planet, suffice to say the bond-mate of the Corgis was out for blood.

Perhaps worse than the fact that this happened is that I didn’t really learn my lesson. Not fully. I did actually — after this incident — restrict the zone that was considered to be ‘home’ to inside the walls and restricted the remaining Corgi to stay home and not go wandering willy-nilly.

But given I used the home zone, rather than setting up a fixed zone myself… Well; later on I built another power supply — a wind turbine just outside the walls, and ‘home’ expanded again.

So eventually, although probably not too long after this screenshot was taken, learning nothing from his former partner-in-crime; the remaining Corgi went wandering outside the walls too. To (now) predictable results. The panther had moseyed on over our way and was also *cough* for some reason, hungry.

The news isn’t all dog and cat death though — Hurtle was elevated to the grand rank of ‘Yeoman’ and provided with his first Psy power. This whole royalty and Psy system is new with the expansion, but not an area I’ve delved into too much yet. As I understand it though, Hurtle — if he continues to raise in rank — will demand a throne room and some other bits and pieces.

So we’ll have to see how that goes.

As it is though, with our basic needs met and it no longer looking like everyone would starve to death (or die a horrible wildlife related death — unless you are a Corgi) — it was time to start making things a bit nicer.

Haul out the remaining stone chunks and begin polishing the floors and walls for one. Smoothing stone definitely takes some time, but provides a fairly large beauty and impressiveness increase. Not to mention, smoothed stone walls actually start acting more like walls in that you can run electrical cabling through them.

Which brings us right up to the header shot I used tonight and last night!


The sun rises on a new day in Val’Danaar.

The bedrooms and barracks area are all smoothed here, but not yet the bedroom hallway nor the kitchen and freezer areas. I did however expand the freezer slightly as there was a moment where I was concerned it was going to run out of space.

For future projects — I need to setup some craft and research stations, plus move the general item storage out of the barracks itself and somewhere a little more secure.

I’m also running the Hospitality mod, so getting some pretty guest rooms setup would also be nice!

Stuff for future installations, perhaps. :)


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