I don’t remember this thing being so difficult last year. I really don’t. I’ve talked a little already about one element increasing difficulty this year: The release of new titles I’m *very* interested in. But I’m starting to realise that this isn’t the only element.

Or at least, I don’t think so. It is possible that simply having the thought in mind that these new games are there waiting to be played opens the flood gates but I’m finding myself just wanting to play everything under the sun at the moment. A particular desire to play Dark Souls or Nioh or something of that nature rose fairly strongly today. To the point where I’ve been watching some Nioh 2 build videos.

I don’t own Nioh 2 at the moment, nor do I really want to pick it up just now given I’m fully expecting it to have an announcement of a PS5 / PC release (if not remaster) soon. Possibly today even. Nioh 2 news has been promised! … Buuut… :)

Nioh 1 — This I do own! Shot from a Spear-build play-through last year.

At the end of last year’s run, in the journal, I noted that sticking within the five games was the easy part. That posting every day was, by far, the harder.

That has been flipped on its head. Posting each day? No worries. (Although I will admit, I have allowed myself the freedom of much shorter posts quite frequently. But sticking within the five… Phewph.

I will admit; I want to quit and just go back to playing all the things.

I think the main cause of the difference this year, more than the new releases, comes down to the fact that last year I got right into Warframe. In a real big way. Started off just as my multiplayer-with-friends game, but I ended up diving in deep enough that I enjoyed playing it even for most of my solo time.

I still rate Warframe in a big way.

But I’m not ‘feeling’ it right now.

I think the next thing to really pull me back into Warframe will be when they (finally) release the next major cinematic questline, ‘The New War’.

Oooh.. OK. I just went looking for news on that, and the seemingly huge delay now makes more sense. That storyline has been drip-fed overtime. Ugh. That’s far less exciting. :P

On a completely different note — if I’d done my research better and realised that Demon’s Souls remaster was a day 1 release for the PS5; I probably would’ve been a lot more interested in picking up an early pre-order! (ooh, this is probably where the Dark Souls/Nioh desire has come from actually.)

I had planned on getting a PS5 likely when God of War 2 came out because I didn’t think that there was anything else I particularly wanted early on. Oops!

Although if I did have one — you can bet your bottom dollar I definitely would’ve quit this thing immediately. ;)


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