Five Game Challenge Day 12: Keeping on the Path #2

Today, was Godfall day. I haven’t looked at a great many reviews, but the metacritic score is sitting at 61% as of time of writing (for the PS5 version at least, at time of writing there aren’t enough reviews for the PC version to even provide a score).

Honestly though, that’s about all I would expect for a new launched title in the game as a service/looter genre.

Having watched a good number of hours of Let’s Play while working, the concerns I had for the game appear to have eventuated in some areas but not in all.

For example, with the abilities being placed on weapon choice rather than your valorplate (think Warframe, or class), the plates all look to be functionally the same. There are definite build synergies to be had with their passives and Archon abilities, but asides from that they’re one step away from being a cosmetic choice rather than one with significant impact on what you can do.

On the other hand, the skill tree appears to unlock a bunch of stuff. Which is good, because one of the first streams I was watching was FightinCowboy (one of my favourites for Dark Souls, primarily) where the early game looked… well… Not great at all.

On balance from what I’ve seen today?

I’m still looking forward to playing it for myself.

But I can wait.

…Provided my friends don’t pick it up in the interim. Today, they haven’t. ;)

I’ll keep you posted!


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