Five Game Challenge Day 14: Nioh 2 PC is a Thing

And also for PS5, if that’s your preference. Nioh 1 and Nioh 2 will both be ‘remastered’ for the next gen. I use quotes because I’m currently skeptical around their use of the term. Demon’s Souls is a remaster. Resident Evil 2 remaster is a remaster. I suspect this will be more akin to a minor tweak release.

Having said that, native 4K and HDR support. So possibly I’ll yet be surprised.

This was essentially my guess for what Nioh’s teased news would be — although I hadn’t considered that Nioh 1 would also get the re-release treatment, although in retrospect I really should have. I was just tunnel-visioned too much on my interest for Nioh 2. Hehe.

There is a bit of a wait though, with it not coming out til February 5th 2021.

Ooh… Possibly disregard (some) of my skepticism over the remastered title. While not on the order of the other examples I noted, take a look — the PS5 collection trailer shows less CGI and more ingame:

I do like that the PS5 version will be a free upgrade to PS4 owners. Although it will also make it that much more difficult to hold off on purchasing for myself now. Hehe. Although I’ve waited this long for the PC version to be available… Another few months? Perhaps. Although it will miss the one major holiday period of the year over Christmas.

Also, my other big outstanding question — Will Nioh 1 Complete Edition on PC receive the benefit of the updated visuals?

From how things have been worded so far in the various articles seem to suggest to me no. Which is a bit of a shame if so. Would’ve been a great time to runthrough both games!

As for today in the here and now… Not sure what I’ll do with gaming time yet. Writing this relatively early in the day. However it ends up going though, glad there is at least this good news. Even if it was somewhat inevitable given the path of the first game, finally hearing it officially confirmed: Yay!


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