Five Game Challenge – Day 9: Keeping Track of the Action

I’ve kind of done a lot in Skyrim since the last post. Yes. I know that last post was only yesterday. Sort of. I had written it the day before though, whereas now I’m back to writing for the day.

So a lot of time has passed, and some of that time was a Sunday!

In any case, since getting Lydia killed and emerging from that dungeon I have been set upon by an Assassin (in a blizzard! It was actually legitimately scary!) I have also been set upon by a cultist. Two dragons. (Well… This one might be a tad more debatable as to who attacked whom. Suffice to say, dragon fights occurred and they died. Let us not dwell on such details as whether or not I specifically trekked up mountainsides to find their perches.)

Oh, I also visited the Greybeards. Completed a mission for them to collect a horn. Which was stolen by a spy. Who I then found and made friends with. And now we’re on an adventure to up my Dragon-kill count some more! (It’s quite far away though!)

Test text

Before I go onto more of a pictorial show of my adventures more generally I did want to show this comparison shot, between last years Skyrim install and this years. While the positioning and angle of the shot are not the same — that is the same spot. It is showing the bridge from Ivarstead into the beginnings of the 7,000 steps to High Hrothgar.

I don’t recall whether or not I even had tree mods installed last year, but you can definitely see this area was a colder, sparser looking area vs. the more autumnal setup I have going on now. Not that every area looks like this. There are certainly some very cold spots left!

Skyrim actually crashed on me as I approached the Dragon Barrow as part of the quest to join with the Blades in their mission. I’m not taking that as a sign of any return of issues with the RTX 3080, but rather that I have >180 mods installed for Skyrim at the same time.

If the crash happens again in the same spot I may be forced to actually deal with it. But my hope certainly is that it was just a one-off issue and won’t reoccur. It does mean I have to do quite a lengthy run again though!!


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