Amended title: Keeping on the path mostly. I launched Valhalla. So far as the menus. I took a look at the configuration. Went so far as to run a benchmark. (Incidentally, the Ubisoft Benchmark tools in Watch Dogs Legion and Valhalla actually require quite some praise, I think.)

But… Rather grudgingly I pulled my mouse away from the New Game button and quit back to desktop.

And went to play some more Skyrim instead.

There was a brief time where I thought I’d still break, and jump right back to hit the New Game button in Valhalla. There was a certain amount of begrudging, rumbling, grumbling thoughts in quitting out.

Fortunately though? Didn’t last long. I’m constantly reminding myself exactly why it is that Skyrim, all these years later, deserves a spot in my list of games I would take if I was stuck with just five games for an entire year.

I was accepted into the Companions, after completing a mission some (in game) days ago for them.

I’d been waiting for this for a little bit actually. I finished a mission with one of the companions coming alongside me. The death of Lydia was still fresh in my mind and there is a moment where you get trapped in a room with no escape while a number of bad lookin’ guys come attack your companion.

Well… If you’re unfamiliar with the story of this group; I shan’t spoil it now. But suffice to say, I needn’t have worried. They were fine.

Also joined up with the Imperials after freeing one of the Forts they sent me out to as a test of sorts.

I started the process of joining the Imperials shortly after my last Skyrim post and finished it up tonight, making it two factions I don’t normally join in a run in a single go!

No particular reason I haven’t done much of the Companions in Skyrim really. Just that I tended to gravitate more toward Magic and Sneaky playthroughs. This whole 2H Weapon wielding Orc is quite off the beaten path for me. :)

Aside from that? I just took the wilds to the North, found Meridia’s Statue and it talked to me. And gave me a mission! But I was already out there for one — I’d taken on the quest (quite some time ago now, both in game time and real time now!) to rescue the son of the Graymanes who had been taken… uh… originally by my newly pledged Imperials, actually. But he was taken by Thalmor while in transit apparently.

I ended up getting far too distracted out there to actually deliver on this quest either yet, but I will! (Probably!)


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Rakuno · November 12, 2020 at 1:19 am

Huh. I didn’t know you could get Meridia’s quest directly from her statue. Generally I get it from her beacon in some random chest. Guess I shouldn’t be that surprised though considering her personality. XD

    Naithin · November 12, 2020 at 9:01 am

    I doubt it makes a difference, but I had an Inn rumour that was directing me to her statue as part of the ‘Miscellaneous’ quest odds and ends. But approaching the statue started off a whole new line.

    I would bet to head in and clear out the same dungeon you’ve generally found her beacon in. :)

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