Oh boy, it’s all happening right now. I rather intentionally inserted a day’s gap between the end of the posting challenge of Blaugust and this, the next post, to give myself a bit of a break. But now I regret it! I regret everything! Because now I still need to do a wrap-up post but we’ve also had the No Man’s Sky Frontier’s update actually come out, plus the first taste of gameplay for the Firaxis Marvel game – Marvel Midnight Suns.


Alright, I’m clearly not going to get anything else done if I don’t deal with those two first. So! Today the diversions, tomorrow the wrap-up!

Diversion 1: No Man’s Sky: Frontiers

No Man’s Sky fifth anniversary update is here!

As I write this, I haven’t had a chance to step in and take a look for myself yet as the news broke while I was working. But the trailer there, and the more detailed notes for the update have arrived, giving us a proper look at what this update entails.

From the predictions I made, only one actually came true — and it was an offshoot of the main prediction, so I think I can only take half a point for it — player-controlled settlements have arrived! Complete with a rudimentary Dwarf Fortress/RimWorld/Sims 4 style settler psychology system.

I think what surprises me most about this update is that it didn’t end up being as big as I — and I suspect many others in the community — thought it might be for the fifth anniversary. It’s a point update (taking us to 3.6, from the 3.5x line) rather than a full version jump to 4.0.

So I’ve had to reset my expectations somewhat, and — I won’t lie — I was a little disappointed. Purely as a result of my own expectations vs. the final reality rather than any sort of broken promise. The dangers of hype, I suppose, particularly when driven by us and our own imaginations. That aside, still keen to jump in when I can!

Someone has already drawn the parallel between defending your settlement from Sentinel attacks and the settlement raids of Fallout 4 though. *shudder* Although perhaps it won’t be so bad here, where it seems like you can only own a single settlement at a time.

Diversion 2: Midnight Suns

When I picture myself watching this, I see myself sitting there with my head tilted to the side like a curious puppy.

I feel like this barely counts as a gameplay reveal, even in the linked ‘extended’ version here.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still somewhat optimistic based on the pedigree of the studio and people involved — but oh man. If I was coming to this cold? Not knowing what else they’d done? This would have done nothing to assuage any doubts I had — if anything it might’ve put me off further.

It feels very much like the steering hand of Disney/Marvel is all over this thing, right down to the fact very clearly vaporised enemies insist they were merely “KO’d”.

There is another trickle of gameplay coming Sept 7th to show a battle with Sabretooth, so maybe that will be a little better. Really missing the days of a gameplay reveal being something more substantial though, that’s for sure!


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bhagpuss · September 2, 2021 at 11:03 pm

The whole of-duty part of that Midnight Suns trailer sounds fascinating. As a lifelong superhero comics fan it seems to me that the characters persist over decades so successfully precisely because of their out-of-combat personas, not because they hit stuff really hard. I’d love to see a game where at least 75% of the gameplay related to out-of-combat conversation and interaction, with the big fights being saved for set pieces. I wonder where the balance will be in this one? They certainly devote a lot of time to the “getting to know each other” aspect in that trailer.

    Naithin · September 2, 2021 at 11:41 pm

    I would be surprised if the off-duty interactions (specifically the conversations and character development from a story perspective as opposed to also including skills/card management) equate to even 20% of the play time, but who knows, I could be way off.

    We probably won’t know the answer til it’s out, or at least in previewers hands and the cuffs are off on what they can say. Even if we do get, like I hope, a more chunky 20-30 minute slice of continuous gameplay, I can’t imagine they’re be willing to spoil any of the story/conversation sections.

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