I say ‘continued’ but a good half of the video is revisiting parts of Blighttown I’d already been to, in order to find the little nooks and crannies I’d missed. I know I didn’t get them all (there were some parts where I even SAW an item through a rickety wall but didn’t get around to it) but I at least took one another of those bloody toxic dart shooters and *cough* after one failed attempt, did manage to make the jump across to what turned out to be a weapon down below of where I’d come into Blighttown the first time.

If you’d like to skip straight to the ‘new’ areas, then this link is timestamped and should do that for you. Otherwise the chapter of interest is, ‘The Unknown is Gross!’ (Because it is)

The new area of Blighttown manages to be worse than the upper section.

It features digusting fly-type-things that can also shoot fire. Mosquitos that poison. A toxic darter whose angry ghost pushes me off the ledge (it’s the only explanation) and capped (crusted?) off by a pool of poison-inflicting goop at the bottom.

Meghan warned me in the comments of the last post about the life-ruining properties of the poison in Blighttown and I’m beginning to see it. I fear there is still much more to come, however.

I had just taken my first excursion into the poison pools below when I found a bonfire (a very welcome sight). After exploring a tiny bit beyond the bonfire and mimic-checking the chest there (I was SO sure it was going to be one) it was almost perfectly on the 30-minute mark, so I let things wrap up.

Seriously though, this chest wasn’t a mimic? I’m still shocked. But also now even more paranoid than I already was. Surely one has to be coming, and soon.


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meghanplaysgames · June 9, 2021 at 1:35 pm

I like to imagine there’s a particular layer of Hell that is just the Blighttown mosquitos chasing you around forever…

    Naithin · June 9, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    I’m not sure ‘Like’ is the appropriate reaction for this comment, but on the other hand, it is certainly a horrifying enough thought to warrant its own section of hell for some particularly nasty people. >.<

    I’m somewhat morbidly curious about what else is out there at this bottom level (I assume) of Blighttown, though I think I might put the rusted ring back on before looking around at the rest. :)

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