Hoo boy. At the end of Part 14, I’d trundled my way down past Chaos Witch Quelaag, rung the second bell of awakening and kept going down to an area titled the Demon Ruins. There… I met my match. The Ceaseless Discharge. (Still a disgusting name.)

Also… *cough* …I might’ve had a quick look ahead at what to expect from the area when I was told this area wasn’t as optional as I might’ve thought. I didn’t spoil everything for myself, but I read enough to know it was a place I didn’t want to be yet while other options existed.


Off to Sen’s Fortress we go! The video starts after I’d run my way back to Firelink Shrine, and had my first encounter with Kingseeker Frampt.

The Fortress itself is… Interesting. I think I have done OK so far! Although it did take me 5 attempts to reach the boulder control room, where I ended up deciding to put the cut in this part.

I still haven’t found a bonfire yet — but knowing what I now know about the path, and, I think diverting the boulders off down a harmless (to me) path; If I do die again, the return trip isn’t so bad to this point. And I think now, I should have a little more freedom to explore in the next part and I’m looking forward to it!

There were a lot of passages I didn’t explore on my way to the control room. A lot of items I saw here and there. :)

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