Made it through the Depths! Yay! What’s my reward, Dark Souls? Oh- oh. Ohhh. It’s Blighttown. Now, look. Even though I haven’t played Dark Souls 1 this far before, I also haven’t been living under a rock. Or more to the point, having played all the other Souls games (with the exception of Demon Souls, not having had a PS3 nor yet a PS5) I’ve been made aware of Blighttown.

And so I know I should expect only the worst of things from it. That it might sap all light from my world. That I might indeed, throw my controller so hard it leaves Earth’s orbit. Or perhaps lose all desire to ever play another game ever again.

I’m almost afraid of what I’m about to say as I’m very conscious of the fact I haven’t finished Blighttown yet. But if you come close, I’ll whisper it.

“Blighttown doesn’t really seem all that bad so far

Now, sure. I’ve had a few deaths. I’ve been punted off the edge (a favourite of mine so far as means of death go, it seems). I’ve had creatures come from behind me and chow down on my neck. And yes- I’ve been poisoned. Even had the worse version ‘Toxic’ applied.

But this is what all the hype was about? Did it get toned down in Remastered?

Pfft. I ain’t afraid of no ghost Blighttown.

Watching through it again, I can see some things I missed.

There is an item not too far in that seems to require a jump to reach that at the time, I was too chicken to make. That might be something I go back and try off camera. Critical jumps like that in Dark Souls aren’t one of my areas of excellence. They sit somewhere above my ability to parry, sure, but certainly still firmly in the ‘Needs Improvement’ category.

I also realise now the ladder I ignored on the platform before fighting the ‘Donk!’ at around this point in the video probably would’ve taken me somewhere new too. I remember glancing at it and thinking I’d already explored that way… But I didn’t! And now I’m curious. I hope it will take me up to where the ninja toxic dart guy somewhere up around this area is so I can clear him out.

In any case, so far? Blighttown ain’t all that.

But I guess we’ll see how the next section of it goes shortly. :)


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meghanplaysgames · June 3, 2021 at 12:58 pm

Part of the reason Blighttown was so miserable in the original was the terrible framerate. Literally 10-FPS-town. But congrats on surviving the first leg of the journey – I struggled hard with this area, the Toxic/Poison really ruined my life :(

    Naithin · June 3, 2021 at 2:36 pm

    Ahhh OK. Yes- I could see the framerate being an issue here when you’re trying to navigate ledges and the like, let alone the combat.

    And actually, what you’re saying tickles some distant part of memory of prior reading about the area too.

    Thanks for clearing it up in any case!

    So far the poison hasn’t been too bad, but the time I got Toxic was pretty scary. xD

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