I missed last week, no particular reason this time. Sometimes I’ll skip if I have my turn at the XCOM 2 game that weekend, but this time no such cause. Just a small break! Back at it today though, although… Pssst. Small secret. I actually recorded this section along with the one covered in the last post.

Next weekend will play a new section… And I am sure, come face to face with the boss of Blighttown and leave the area behind. That’s getting ahead of ourselves, though! So, for now, here’s the current part.

Starting out in this section, I felt rather under attack by the whole blasted Waterwheel area. Every step was laden with the potential for death. Yes, even more so than is normal for Dark Souls. :P

Still, I keep at it. Because in theory, ‘up’ should link me back to the rest of the world from down here. And if Dark Souls level design has shown me anything so far- that area should get me to Firelink Shrine. So, after my farming of Large Titanite from the slugs down below, I’d really like to find my way back to the smith and get my Claymore up to +10.

One down but pegged with a toxic dart from behind in the process.

First, though, is a realm of toxic terror. Just when you thought those toxic darters were done, there is another one two five? too many of them! I had almost forgotten just how terrifyingly fast the ‘toxic’ status drains HP, but it’s OK! The little cove of toxicity is dealt with, and I even find another Estus flask upgrade item. Yay!

Continuing, it looks like this area was fully self-contained. Coming back outside, I found a ladder letting me carry on upwards.

I can feel it. I’m being taken back to the light of the land above.

There will be light at the end of the tunnel filled with the huge guys. I’m sure of it.

Well… Shit.

I momentarily consider leaving immediately and just trying to finish up Blighttown before tackling anything here. But…

  1. Item!
  2. I’ve been here before, and there was a lift to the surface. So… Perhaps a quick look around wouldn’t hurt.

Going through the gateway by the item, it opens to a rather scary looking vista. It uses the New Anor Londo key to get through, but I didn’t yet know what that area was or would look like. Not by name, at least.

You see, this area is a spot I’d visited off-camera wayyyy early on. I forget which part, but possibly somewhere as early as the first few parts when I finally remembered (from my previous play attempts), Firelink Shrine had a ‘down’ bit too.

Somewhat surprisingly, given my proclivity to get lost in Dark Souls from time to time, I had an idea of where I was. When I saw the loot-body sans-loot in the stairwell, I knew for sure.

It appears some changes have been made while I was down below, though. For one, the Firekeeper is.. uh.. dead. The knight I rescued earlier, previously camped out here by her, is gone too. That’s suspicious. Up above, the bonfire has gone out. That’s not good. And the party from the Cleric guy is back. Did they have something to do with the missing knight and dead Firekeeper, I wonder?

I was warned — but I tried to talk to her while in Hollow form, and it didn’t go well. I expected I’d be able to go recover my Humanity and come back and talk to her again. But… Well, after leaving to get my weapon upgrade and returning — they’re all gone again, presumedly to pursue their mission.

For some good news, though, I give my newly minted Claymore +10 a try on my way back into Blighttown, and it is fantastic.

Hopefully, it will be enough to help me with the coming boss fight…


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