Category: Coding

The Java Journey Continues

If you ever want to feel exceptionally smart for a time, go back and ‘learn’ something you’ve already learnt in the past. I tell you, it’ll do wonders for your ego when you can ‘pick up’ the concepts required in...

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Java… I Choose You!

About a month ago, right before Tales of Arise came out, I picked up a number of courses from Udemy. The itch to learn something was upon me and would not be denied! Delayed a little bit, but not denied. Honestly, I’m somewhat impressed with...

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Picking Something to Learn

It’s been a while now — but every so often I get the urge to go learn something new. Sometimes related to my work, sometimes just for fun. My go-to back in the day was Coursera but over the last few years, I seem to have made a switch...

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