Humble Monthly: December 2019 + Humble Choice is Here!

It’s here! It’s here! Humble Choice has arrived! ‘Is it an exciting array of top notch games???’ You might ask. Or perhaps, “Does it seem an improvement over the Monthly version???”

To which I say, “…Let’s come back to that!”

Let’s finish off the very last actual ‘Humble Monthly’ first. The Early Reveal titles shown in November were pretty good. What comes as part of this final reveal to back them up?

Revealed Titles

Far and away Chasm is the most interesting to me of this list. It sat in my wish list for what seemed years (and possibly was in actuality1) while it was little more than an announcement page with screenshots on Steam.

Then when it finally did release, despite the fantastic art — it was met with the most tepid of Steam ratings, ‘Mixed’.

The main issues of the time seeming to stem from very bland procedural generation, causing the pacing of the game to be way off with very little variation to the proceedings.

Since then, it seems to have had a fairly significant update adding in more hand crafted elements, including puzzle/action rooms.

So definitely keen to give it a go now after having skipped on it at launch.

Sword Legacy: Omen also might be alright. It’s a turn-based strategy game similar to XCOM or Phoenix Point while in combat — including having an Overwatch ability. But… Yanno. All fantasy and melee-ey. Overwatch perhaps not being the wrong term for what actually happens here. It’s more along the lines of DnD’s Attack of Opportunity, except triggered when an enemy enters your melee engagement range rather than attempting to leave it.

Anywho, while out of combat — it’s more free style movement around the map in an ‘exploration’ mode. So actually the game reminds me a lot of the feel Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

The other two titles though, I greet with a resounding ‘meh’. Regular Human Basketball is a party game. But on PC. Does anyone, anywhere, ever, play party games via PC?

I suppose maybe if you had some sort of media-PC setup in the living room in lieu of an actual console… But otherwise? Any takers?

Fluffy Horde appears to be emulating some elements of Kingdom — except with less sharp pixel graphics and clearly, a far less grim-dark tone. I feel a bit mean toward Kingdom for even making this comparison though as it seems Fluffy Horde is also a bit crass. *sigh*

Anywho! That’s the December bundle (plus the early reveals).

I’m going to cut this here and come back to the Humble Choice reveal for January in a separate post later today.

I… have some thoughts. Some positive. Some not so. But let’s not confuse the two different bundle types all together, I reckon.


  1. I just looked it up — it was from a 2014 Kickstarter, which I missed, but very likely added to Steam wish list shortly after.


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