Urge to Game Rising

I said when I kicked off this semi-hiatus that I hadn’t lost my interest in the pastime of gaming. While generally true, it certainly hasn’t been in evidence for a while. On the Mum front — we managed to convince her to go into hospital, despite the raft of fears and traumas that this entails. One of the main conditions for this being true is that we (her kids) were allowed to stay with her around the clock.

My shift is overnight which certainly has challenges of its own and is every night now rather than one in three, but in some ways, I find this easier even so. While we were helping Mum at home the view of the world was a very dark one. I couldn’t see any light, any source of hope that the situation would ever get better.

While there is no misunderstanding of the situation, we know full well that there isn’t any ‘cure’ for Parkinson’s as yet, getting the pain under control again and working through a new medication regime in the context of the hospital has at least shone that little ray of hope onto the proceedings that I think we all needed.

We still don’t really know when or how this will all end and certainly it continues to be a significant drain on energy and mental resilience but… Circling back to the post title; the urge to actually play a game — something more than just an idle game I occasionally check in on while it runs in the background — is increasing to the point where it might burst through the low energy barrier.

V Rising — Just launched into Early Access. (Screenshot from Steam; I haven’t loaded it up yet.)

V Rising might be one to push through. It just launched into Early Access yesterday and could be right up my alley. It’s an ARPG but with survival elements, including building your own castle. Oh- and also, you’re a vampire! So the daytime is scary.

I also picked up the Death Stranding Director’s Cut upgrade since a) it was cheap, and b) I never finished the originally released version but always wanted to.

Underlying all this is still Elden Ring waiting to be finished, too. According to ManicTime, I’ve only touched it for about 3-hours this month. Maybe I’ll manage some more before the month is done? It sits over me as a bit of a shadow too when contemplating any other game as I really wanted to get through it before going to anything else, and! I think I actually would’ve managed it too without the change in life situation.

As for Lost Ark, I think any kind of MMO is just out of the question for the moment. I’ll be cutting that from the sidebar for the foreseeable future.

Those are probably the main ones to provide updates on right now… Oh! Except to also note that it is my turn for the XCOM 2 Succession Game. UnwiseOwl had his turn at the beginning of May, so that means the game is now waiting on me. Perhaps this weekend I’ll give that a go.1 :)

This is all certainly going to cut into my recently created show watching time though. Hah.


  1. And hopefully not make too much of a mess of it!


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