The fever-pitch must-play-all-the-time for Monster Hunter: World is starting to wind down a little. There is still plenty more I could be doing. Not least of which is deciding to pick-up a new weapon style. I’ve essentially obtained the best weapons for Longsword currently available. ‘Essentially’ because this is barring one that unlocks at a higher Mastery Rank level, which may be bar-none the best presently available.

I’ve also crafted a number of the Elder Dragon armor sets, including enough of Teostra’s armor to gain the ‘Master’s Touch’ trait, allowing my weapon to lose no sharpness on critical hits. Which, combined with Level 7 Critical Eye, is fairly frequent.

Asides from simply doing it all over again with a new weapon, there is more I could do to rank up my Guiding Lands zones. Or to work on obtaining a wider range of strong Decorations.

Much of this, I may even still do — and I definitely plan on being back for some of the soon-to-arrive content.

Not sure if I’ll head back for Rajang, but I’m definitely keen to head back for Safi’jiiva in March. I’m also really looking forward to PC and Consoles having parity of released content from April onward too. I wonder what else is to come in the May and beyond dates, too. :)


Asides from all this, I’m coming up for air. To peek around and what else is out there. To see what I may’ve missed. And er… Is it that time already? Another Elder Scrolls Online expansion was announced.

This one taking us to Skyrim to deal with an ancient Vampiric threat.

It occurred to me after seeing this, that I bought Elsweyr shortly after release. And then never actually played the blasted thing. And that’s despite having ESO within the set of five games I limited myself to in November. So I see a correction on this front in my future. I’m not entirely sure whether I will continue my old adventures in the old world story, or just blaze a trail through the latest Elsweyr content yet.

Both have their appeals. Despite the openness of ESO, there is certainly a ‘correct’ and linear path through the main story. There are plenty of ‘fan favourite’ returning characters at various points along the way which I just wouldn’t know from a bar of soap heading into the latest content directly.

But on the other hand — between now and June, how likely is it that I can finish: Base ESO Story. Morrowind. Summerset. AND Elsweyr? Not to mention the various pieces of story DLC which slot in throughout.

(Not very.)

Before going all-in on ESO again though, I’d still like to finish up A Plague Tale: Innocence. I was perhaps halfway through and enjoying the game immensely when Monster Hunter: World barged in and trampled all over it like an angry Diablos. So perhaps with Monster Hunter retracting its claws, I’ll yet get to finish it this month like I’d planned.

Tis the hope, at least. :)


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Rakuno · January 23, 2020 at 12:54 am

I wish I was in the same situation but Monster Hunter World still has its claws deep into me. Specially because there are events in other games going on that I’d like to play too. Yet despite of how much I have been playing it still feels like I barely scratched the content in Icerborne. D:

Oh, well, I will manage somehow. Like I always do.

Anyway, good luck with ESO and a Plague Tale: Innocence! :)

    Naithin · January 23, 2020 at 8:27 pm

    I actually do really enjoy being so gripped by something I don’t even think to look outside it. But! I *also* really like looking around a bit. So getting the variety in is quite nice. :)

Magi · January 23, 2020 at 5:26 am

Currently I’m only playing Destiny 2, League of Legends and NieR: Automata. While I love Monster Hunter World, I haven’t played it in a while, so I really need to get to that another time. There’s also a ton of new Indie Game releases that I’ve started playing/reviewing and whose drafts are sitting there, staring at me, waiting to get finished, but motivation’s on a bit of a low.

I gotta get back to it, soon, I reckon, but exams and whatnot are more important right now. Oh well.

    Naithin · January 23, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    Glad you got your priorities straight, exams before games fo shooooo. :)

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