Final Fantasy XIV’s original (well, ‘A Realm Reborn’ original) main story quest is complete. What amazes me most is the quick turnaround I had from acknowledging the procrastination problem and just getting on and pushing through. By close of the same day I posted that, I was most of the way there. The day after (yesterday), I was done.

Since then I’ve been tottering around doing what I assume to be quests relevant when level 50 was the cap. Before the patches started dropping more MSQ to do. I’ve unlocked a half dozen or so hard mode or level 50 only dungeons. I think I might be working on attuning myself to one of the raids, even.

I’ve even done a mild (veerrry mild) farm of Allagan Tomestone of Poetics in order to get myself some of that sweet, sweet, ilvl 120 Ironworks Gear. I very much doubt I have to do this. But there is a slight fear in the back of my mind about the possibility of being gear gated on my way through the patch content toward accessing Heavensward. I haven’t gone hunting out any detail on this though, the most I’ve done is had a quick peek at the list of quests. And… Oh my. That is… quite a list indeed. A hundred of them it would seem. I mean — I haven’t counted. That’s just what the wiki says at the top.

And to think — then there is Heavensward. Then the Heavensward patches. Then Stormblood. Stormblood patches. Then, finally, will be able to play Shadowbringers. Content incidentally that was sort of foreshadowed in the closing chapter of the ARR MSQ. That’s some decent planning right there.

Getting Invested!

Despite just how far away getting to the current endgame is, I’ve started to change how I’m thinking about the game too. A change in how invested I am in mastery of my class. As a lowbie, I’m more than happy to muddle through on my own and make my own discoveries on how a class works.

It isn’t until closing in on the endgame that I typically want to get deep into the theorycrafting of it all. Really dive into the nitty gritty and answer questions like: Is DoT Snapshotting a thing? (Yes it is.) Am I right to prioritise Mage’s Ballad over Army’s Paeon? (Yes, but when I get my next song stance, that will become the new priority.) How does DoT refreshing work? (Full overwrite, any time remaining when you refresh is wiped — the damage is not added to the new DoT instance.) Should I use Raging Strikes before my DoTs to buff them, or after my DoTs to get more Direct Damage in? (Don’t know! I suspect the GCD requirements on getting both dots into the buff window might be too high, but! This could change when I get the ‘Iron Jaws’ shot which refreshes both dots and also refreshes the damage state. Also I’ll need to test this to be sure anyway, as I could be wrong fullstop — DoT damage is a reasonable portion of Bard damage after all.)

And plenty more besides. I am concerned though, that despite FFXIV being so well regarded at the moment? That there won’t be the same degree of theorycrafting done by community as I’m used to from WoW. That some questions I have I won’t be able to answer on my own due to lack of sim tools, etc.

Clearly people are making do and successfully clearing content. But it’s entirely possible not knowing these things will slowly but surely drive me craaaaaazzzyyyy. Crazy I tell you!

…Still, those are problems for another day. Procrastination by way of researching a thing as opposed to getting on and doing said thing is something I’m very skilled at. So I’m going to try my best to keep these questions at bay until such time the answers actually matter.


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Rakuno · July 15, 2019 at 11:41 pm

The Ironworks Gear is a pretty good investiment. Specially since you can also upgrade them with Allagan Tomestones and they should last you about level 54. You can also keep them around if you decide to level another class that share the gear so once you hit 50 with them you will be all set. I still have all of mine in my inventory as there is a bunch of classes I still need to level.

As for the story, the ARR patches are the worst offenders in terms of quantity. Like I said before, they are a slog but get better towards the end as they start building up to Heavensward. On the expansions they did better with the post-expansion patches, with the first half being just an epilogue to that expansion’s story and the second part a build up to the next expansion’s story.

I don’t know how the Theorycrafting goes in both communities but I imagine there are some pretty deep theorycrafting in Final Fantasy XIV too. Specially since every expansion they change the Jobs, some more than others, so there is always a need to figure out new optimal strategies and such. I just have no idea where the Theorycrafters hang though.

    Naithin · July 16, 2019 at 12:36 am

    In WoW, at least in the past — the theorycrafting permeated the whole scene. It was common enough practice that even if you weren’t actively seeking it out, the knowledge was spread broadly enough that any ol’ person who remotely cared about playing their class well could tell you the principles of the findings at least, even if they couldn’t *exactly* tell you why.

    It was ingame, it was in the forums, it was in blogs. All over, basically. I don’t know that FFXIV doesn’t have this I should hasten to add, just that I worry. Other MMOs without the same scale as WoW I’ve certainly found it missing in the past, thus my concern.

    I’m really going to try hard to keep myself from digging into it too deeply yet though while I finish up the quest/leveling phase of the FFXIV journey. :)

    I also just got the Ironworks Bow before logging, so yay to that!

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