Progress in Final Fantasy XIV has been slow. Fits and starts best describes it. Small bursts of energy and then fairly long patches of procrastination. Just getting myself to jump in and get started is the real challenge. Once I am in — I’m enjoying myself immensely. But this fact while known intellectually doesn’t seem to help much in getting me to login again time.

I’ve noted this seeming oddity about myself before. Where despite games often acting as a destressor — when things start getting ‘real’ my time falls away from them significantly. Last time (incidentally when I brought FFXIV back into the picture) it was about the goings on at work. Needing to let people go in a restructure is never easy.

Health Scare

This time around it’s health related. Although to be very clear — this is still very much in a state where it could be a minor thing. The sole symptom being a radiating pain when swallowing food.

At the better end of the spectrum (and thankfully, also the most likely) it is ulceration from acid reflux. At the other end of the spectrum it’s cancer. The original plan had been to give it time on medication to reduce the acid my stomach produces. But… After the blood test results were in, my doctor was no longer content to wait. So he has referred me for an endoscopy appointment to happen early next month for a look around.

I think it is that switch of the plans by the Dr which has brought home the worry on this. It is still just as likely to be a relative nothing, but yet still seems that much closer. Friday 2nd August is the date of the endoscopy — if the news is good I expect I’ll know on the day. If it’s less good I imagine there will still be a biopsy result to wait on. In any case… moving on for the moment!

Final Fantasy Progress

I’m level 45 as a Bard now, and have lost the benefit of the XP buff that allowed me to skip all side-quests up until now. As yet — I’ve still not had to touch a side quest, but the Main Story Quest level is quickly catching up to me, and this worries me greatly.

The moment it actually happens? Well… Elsweyr is out now. ;)

More seriously, as much as the ARR MSQ is maligned where I’m up to has actually been getting quite interesting. The change of scenery into the icy lands of Coerthas with a shift in tone to one of more political intrigue was a start. But then the story with the Garlean Empire which has been in the background for a while has come to a head in a fairly major way as well, and just it’s all on!

I just finished the fight with Garuda when I last went out, so I haven’t seen what our next mission will be yet in light of the aftermath there but I’m excited for it.

Now if I could just beat the gaming procrastination thing I have going on, it’d be great!1


  1. Also… Who ever would have expected to have games being the thing procrastinated?? In the past generally they have been the tool in the art of procrastinating other things!!


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Rakuno · July 13, 2019 at 8:59 am

Hope your health issues turn out to be nothing!

As for the ARR Main Quest… It is not so much that it is bad as much as they did much better storytelling in the expansions. The story patches for ARR are a slog though and only really get interesting towards the ending. Fortunately they learned their lessons from this and made the story patches for the expansions to not take as long and to be more interesting story-wise too.

    Naithin · July 13, 2019 at 9:08 am

    Thanks Rak, I’m still trying to convince myself I believe it will be nothing. But at this stage I don’t. Would never love to be wrong about something more than this though.

    As for ARR story — hoo boy. The start was rough. And by start I do mean the first 30-40 levels. Not having it broken by side quests helped a hell of a lot, but man. It wasn’t really until around Coerthas that I could stay I started more actively liking it over tolerating it.

    But I suppose part of the impact of the earlier events at White Sands were muted this time around by the fact I’d been to about that point a few times in the past already.

      Rakuno · July 13, 2019 at 9:14 am

      Ah, yeah, those parts weren’t all that interesting. And I think that is a lot of the problems with the ARR storyline. There is a lot they have to introduce that will be the base for future content as well as baggage they inherited from 1.0.

      Also since the fiasco of 1.0 the developers were a bit afraid of another bad reception and were really holding back a lot (for example, the reason our character just nods instead of having actual dialogue options). Fortunately things do get better with the expansions as you can see the team getting more confidence to just tell the story they want to tell.

Isey · July 13, 2019 at 11:32 am

I went through a cancer scare where the did a Lymphondectomy and a marrow test. It took months of waiting and tests upon tests but turns out it was ok.

I know its hard to do, but try to compartmentalize it – there is absolutely nothing you can do at this point so forcing additional worry is just going to cause you harm. Again, easier said than done, but the only advice I can give!

    Naithin · July 13, 2019 at 11:57 am

    Glad to hear yours came back clean!!

    And agree on your advice. Mostly I think I’m being successful with that, most of the time. But I find things like this (work before, this now, other stuff in the past) still filters through in the way of investing less in ‘serious’ games. It’s quite odd!

Bhagpuss · July 13, 2019 at 6:51 pm

Having been through a similar process and finding out I did have something serious when I was convinced I didn’t, I have to say you are doing exactly the right thing. Get all the tests – two out of the three I had at first didn’t find anything conclusive. If it’s nothing, great. If it is, the sooner you know the better. Isey’s advice is spot on although I know not everyone can put things to one side that succesfully. I also did have acid reflux a while ago – still do occasionally – and it turned out to be nothing sinister, so here’s hoping it’s nothing more than that.

The ARR storyline is a strange one. Since I quit somewhere in the mid-30s al I have ever seen is the part everyone seems to agree is terrible. I have to take it completely on faith that the story gets better, let alone good. That said, it was never the quality of the MSQ narrative that put me off, just the way it was delivered. It seemed a perfectly acceptable video-game narrative to me. They’re all much of a muchness as far as I’m concerned anyway.

    Naithin · July 13, 2019 at 8:46 pm

    Yeah, I’ve had acid reflux on and off for a while — never been serious enough to do anything about before. If that is what it is now, it has likely caused an ulcer in my oesophagus which makes eating anything quite solid a less than pleasant experience. Still, I’ll take it as an ulcer any day. That is relatively simple to fix!

    As for putting it aside, I’ll be trying. Nothing I can do about it now other than remembering to take the omeprazole every day — if it is an ulcer it’s not outside the realm of possibility it will be gone and healed up before I get to the endoscopy.

    re: ARR — The start was definitely very standard MMO-fare story. I wouldn’t say since then it has become a work of fantastic literature, but it has certainly improved. I hear you re: the delivery though. I’m not sure if this is the same issue you had — but the rigidly forced linearity of it all… Hoo boy. Not that I particularly liked ESO’s approach either, but something in the middle would be great. ;)

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