Belghast has now officially announced the plans for Blaugust 2021. I’m excited. Blaugust (or Blapril, last year) is far and away my favourite Blogger event and one that I’d highly encourage everyone to take a look at and consider getting involved with.

If you’re unfamiliar with this festival of blogging, hopefully, I can help shed some light and convince you to head in Belghast’s direction to jump in and sign up.

What is it? Who is it for?

Blaugust is an amalgamation of a number of events lost to the annals of time in blogger-land, but the best feature of all is how all-inclusive it is. Whether you:

  • Have ever thought about blogging,
  • Just created a new blog,
  • Are already blogging, or
  • Used to blog but let it fall to the wayside

It doesn’t matter. It’s for you, and you are welcome.

Elaborating on one of the major ‘Why?’ points a bit further, Belghast says:

The blogging community is nowhere near as large as it once was. Many of us have aged out of blogging with real-world responsibilities or just moved on to other time-consuming hobbies. Blaugust gives us a chance to infuse the community with a fresh lease on life as we court new bloggers to join the fray. Those of us who have been carrying the torch of blogging for decades now, can sometimes lose hope as our blogroll loses a few voices each year. I’ve come to learn that getting out and mingling and mentoring a new crop of fresh bloggers can give us the perspective to stay engaged and hopefully make this community thrive.

Belghast (2021), Blaugust 2021 On the Horizon (Tales of the Aggronaut)

I think it is this aspect, the growing of the community — sure, with some focus on size, but also the interconnectivity between us existing bloggers — is the most important.

There is an awards component that carries over as a Blaugust tradition and I think I’ll be endeavouring to hit the post-per-day target of 31-posts in August but we’ll see. I noted at the end of Blaugust 2019 and Blapril 2020 I found posting every day to be difficult and ‘not for me’ so far as a longer-term activity went.

But! I also enjoy the challenge aspect of it, so we’ll see. :)

Note though that this challenging aspect is absolutely optional. The most important thing, by far, as stated earlier — is just to reach out and connect with other bloggers old and new. Perhaps provide a little advice for those looking to join our corner of the internet, that kind of thing.

In fact, we’ve already within the first 24-hours of sign-ups being available had two bloggers new to our community (although not entirely new to blogging) and it’s great! Be sure to give them a welcome:

Great to have both of you along, and I’m hopeful we’ll see even new and old returning members alike join us for this Blaugust, festival of blogging. :)

If this sounds like something you might want to be a part of, whether it’s for one post or for dozens, take a look at Belghast’s post for all the official info!

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