I feel like, moment by moment and piece by piece, I’m coming to understand at least a part of the distaste in which ‘Blighttown’ is often spoken. Sure, there isn’t a janky framerate in this newfangled ‘Remastered Edition’ to contend with. But there are, as it turns out, a hive of giant leeches down the bottom of the area. And yes, they’re gross. Worse by far, though? The waterwheel lift structure.

Last time, I managed to work down to the lower portion of Blighttown and almost immediately found a bonfire. That was a pretty good spot to end things and became the starting point for today.

After which, I fairly promptly found the aforementioned giant leeches.

As it turned out though, the leeches weren’t all bad.

Sure, I had to walk through a knee-deep poison swamp. And sure, the leeches can spit what appears to be some form of acidic goo. Yep, they also bite. But best of all? They drop large titanite. If you’re unfamiliar, that’s the next material needed to take my Claymore from its current +5 all the way up to +10.

That warrants a couple of passes of their hangouts so I can take my weapon all the way up. I don’t really understand why these things have large titanite, but I’m not going to complain.

After I finish up with that, it’s time to tackle the true boss of the area. The waterwheel lifts. It’s in cahoots with gravity to really… bring down… your day. And it does—several times. Fortunately, especially given the number of souls I’m carrying at this point, I don’t permanently lose them by dying twice consecutively.

Buuut I also decide to wrap this section up (6 minutes overtime as it is) while still up there.

There’s time yet to regret my words here. ;)


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