Cutting straight to the chase — It’s June 29th, with the raid opening July 6th. So if you’re still interested in WoW’s 9.1 ‘Chains of Dominance’ patch, there you go. Not long to go now. Of course, if you’re interested, you probably already knew this.

I’m trying to care — I really am. I’d say about two-thirds of my raid team are gung ho, ready to go. The other third is in a similar position to mine. We probably would’ve been happy to continue not playing. I checked the other day, and I haven’t logged in once since we downed Heroic Denathrius. Not a single time, and I haven’t missed it even a little.

I am very much one of those people who will complain about going almost anywhere but then have fun despite myself when getting there though. I know this. So I know that it’s a possibility here, too. That my reluctance on this side of things will give way to actually having fun once there.

Possible. Yet sounding less and less likely. I already knew there would be more tiers of Legendary to work through, forcing us back into Snoreghast again. It seems it gets worse though with the high likelihood of having to remake our legendaries from scratch for a different slot due to the new Shards of Domination system coming, one that includes its own currency grind.

These sorts of issues are ones I could — and still might; I’ve made no decisions — work through. Possibly the greater issue is that none of the story of WoW grabs me. Not any more.

It seems a lot happens ‘off-screen’ as it were in the books, but that isn’t a media I’m going to revisit for WoW. The authors they work with are terrible. It seems like it’s here that Sylvanas’ power-up allowing her to slap Bolvar — as Lich King — around like he was nothing occurred.

Although having said that — I could work through a poor story offering too. I mean; it hasn’t exactly been great for quite some time now.

So really it’s the combination of the issues.

What appeal is left beyond ‘It’s WoW’ is there? How much currency can that even still hold after so long?

For me?

Not too much. If I do manage to jump back in for the 9.1 raid it’s going to be for the sake of playing with my raid team again.

Although with an Oceanic server coming for Final Fantasy XIV not too long after Endwalker launches… If I can convince them to give that a try instead, I will be all over it. The latency barrier for us to raiding was one of the major things holding many of us back. So I could actually see this being a possibility.

Are we sure it’s a good idea to break these barriers down, mess with technology we don’t understand and let someone who was recently an enemy inside with us? Yes? Oh OK, I was just checking.

I’ve in fact already resubscribed to Final Fantasy XIV earlier this week. I’ll likely get around to setting up my bars and binds again this weekend and taking it for a spin again. I sort of petered out with the Horrible Hundred. Since I last gave it a go though, the 5.1 patch landed to streamline much of the MSQ content — including, thankfully, the post-ARR content.

I’d already done a fair whack of it, including the attunement quest to run the Crystal Tower raid and then the raid itself. At the time, I don’t think this raid was a mandatory part of unlocking Heavensward, but I’ve heard that in the streamlining it became part of it.

Who knows. It’s too early to say whether my current revisit to FFXIV will stick or not. It’s entirely plausible I’ll continue pottering around in single-player and small scale multiplayer games longer yet. But I can say I’m presently a heck of a lot more excited about trying it out than I am for the WoW 9.1 announcement.


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Solarayo · June 21, 2021 at 9:11 pm

🎵I believe I can fly! 🎵 That’s the only reason I’m excited for 9.1, haha.

    Naithin · June 21, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Haha, getting flight back is pretty cool! Although I will admit — also getting pretty tired of having to earn it back, xpac after xpac.

    By way of contrast, FFXIV just gave me flight for logging in again, in the ARR areas, when I hadn’t technically unlocked flight in Heavensward yet. (That used to be the requirement, seems it’s just level based now.)

    …Still… I know me. I bitch about having to unlock flight every xpac and still do it anyway, except for back in WoD. Never did that one.

      Solarayo · June 27, 2021 at 4:13 am

      Agreed! The whole no flying in WoD thing is what pushed me to ditch WoW for 5 years, haha. I was so happy when I came back and saw flying is unlocked there by default nowadays 😁

      It is a pain they keep locking it each xpac. I can sorta understand them forcing your first character to walk through the new content, but after that you should easily be able to fly on all other characters.

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