I was beginning to wonder if this journal may have become the second time in the history of Time to Loot (at least since I started doing these things) that I missed a month. But nope! Here I am, albeit perhaps a little late and perhaps with less of my normal journal structure.

My desktop computer is no longer in the same house I am in. It is tucked snug as a bug into the back of my wife’s car, as she makes the long drive required for our house move. So I won’t be updating my game time just yet!

My wife nabbed her sister along on the trip for company, while our youngest son, cat, and I do the last bits and pieces to tidy up the old house before flying to join at the new place in a couple of days. I’m not going to lie — this is probably going to feel like a looong few days. Not just from the absence of my main device, but — and maybe even more so — the feeling of limbo! Getting the new house organised, setup, and unboxed is going to be a crazy time, but I feel ‘done’ here and just want to get started!

So! Instead of my desktop, I’m coming to you from my laptop. It’s one I purchased recently to use for work (they give a little extra in your pay if you BYO laptop, which certainly suits me just fine). With my switch to iPhone last year it was an open question whether I might consider a Mac of some kind. I’d never look to switch out to the iOS/Mac ecosystem for home, but work? Maaaybe.

There would’ve been some advantages in messaging across devices, and being able to seamlessly carry some experiences from one device to another — e.g., starting a podcast on my drive into work, continuing it from the Mac.

But my lean on the iPhone/Android experiment so far is that I’ll likely switch back my mobile and watch to Android whenever I next refresh. That’s still another year or two away though, so I guess we’ll see. There will be things I’d miss if I switched back tomorrow, and I’ve become accustomed to the screen-swipe gestures.

Instead, I held out for the Microsoft Surface announcement, to see what the refresh of that might look like, and ultimately ended up purchasing one of the CoPilot+ PCs (one of Lenovo’s offerings). The much touted AI capabilities of it are neither here nor there in my opinion, and not the primary selling point for me. Although… I am interested in Recall once Microsoft sort out the worst of the privacy issues and allow it into hands for testing.

Being able to more easily identify whether a certain piece of information or a request was given to me in email, chat, PowerPoint, or something else entirely could save me a great deal of time.

In the meantime, it’s just a really nice-to-use laptop with an insanely good battery duration. (11-12ish hours on a charge!!)

Gaming June 2024

As noted above, I don’t have my usual stats, but:

  • I finished Yakuza: Like a Dragon — and made a start pretty much immediately on Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. I did go back and forth a bit on whether that would be a good idea. I didn’t want to overdo it and burn out, but I was still hankering for more when I was done.

Although as it turned out, entering from stage left:

  • Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree released — and there wasn’t really any world in which I didn’t jump straight into that. I’ve been beyond impressed with that the FromSoft team have done here. This is no mere ‘DLC’, it’s a proper, honest-to-goodness expansion like we used to get.

The discourse on the difficulty of it has been interesting, with even some From fans expressing a view that it was ‘too difficult’ this time around.

I can understand that. First impressions of the expansion led me to believe the same, and I am on a New Game character. For anyone playing any level of NG+… I can only imagine. The trouble being that the difficulty assumes you have the blessing levels (a new mechanic of the expansion) from the previous playthroughs, when of course you couldn’t have.

In New Game mode though, after adapting to the hyper-aggressive style of the bosses (and getting my Shadow blessing built up), I’ve come around in my views and have been loving it. I would estimate being somewhere between half and two-thirds done, but I could be way off on that estimate

  • Last but not least, The First Descendant has also been released — and this one has jumped into the role of ‘co-op multiplayer with friends game’

It’s pretty light-weight fare, mixing elements of Warframe, Destiny and Action RPG looter mechanics, with a healthy (well… maybe unhealthy) degree of monetisation. I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet — it came out only shortly before I was packing everything here up!

But it seems like the main detriment the game has vs. Warframe, on a monetisation front, is that unlike Warframe there is no ability to trade with other players for the premium currency. A loss one friend in particular is feeling most keenly.

So very much TBC how long this game lasts us, but it is doing the trick in the meantime!

And with that, I think I’ll wrap up this post for now. I haven’t had my laptop plugged in for the last couple of days, it’s down to 27% now and estimating over 3 hours of life still — that’s better than some of my past laptops from 100% charge. Hah. I love this thing.


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Cyanbane · July 8, 2024 at 2:14 am

Congrats on the new digs! Looks awesome.

    Naithin · July 13, 2024 at 11:04 am

    Thanks! Into the new place now, and even pretty well setup finally. Bit of a mad week though!!

Mailvaltar · July 8, 2024 at 9:19 pm

Loos great, I hope it all works out well!

Btw, just FYI, I can’t leave likes for your posts anymore. Whether I’m at the PC or tablet, instead of the like-button all I get is “Loading…”. For a while refreshing the page helped sometimes, but for at least half a year now the button just doesn’t appear anymore.

    Naithin · July 13, 2024 at 11:05 am

    Thanks! Been quite the week getting the house setup, but mostly there.

    Thanks for FYI on the like button too. It’s something I’m able to fix every so often, but it finds new ways to break. xD I’ll try take a look again, see if there is a script I need to take out of the caching tools or whatever. (Usually that’s the problem)

      Mailvaltar · July 13, 2024 at 7:55 pm

      Works now. :-)

        Naithin · July 13, 2024 at 8:57 pm

        Nice! Thanks. I gave up trying to identify the problematic script and just stopped JS minification altogether. xD Probably not the best for efficiency, but ah well.

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