Life Changes

Not where I intended to take this post — and I’ll steer it back onto the original path soon, but… It just struck me that everything with my Mother and the additional care she required from us kids only started a bit over a year ago. I posted regarding going on a semi-hiatus in April, and it was perhaps a bit before that — so March — that things got particularly bad.

So not even eighteen months, but I guess with how all-encompassing it often felt… and yeah, I suppose how oppressive and draining as well… It felt like a lifetime. Now that it’s done, I feel more like five or so years have passed over the last year and a bit. So strongly so that the fact it was, in the grand scheme of things, such a short time is striking me quite discordantly. There were so many changes over that period, some really quite extreme, reconciling them to so short a time at this end of things seems… strange.

Very few of those life changes were things I had any choice over, but the ones coming up — and these are the ones I intended to speak to — very much are my choice. Well- mine and my family’s.

We’re moving.

To a whole new city, in an entirely different part of the country.

The city we’re in now, I’ve lived there my entire life. More than that — I’ve lived within perhaps a 20km radius within that city for my entire life.

My sister spent time working and living abroad in Dubai, years ago, when things were easier. My brother is likely soon to head to Sydney with his partner. So I suppose it feels a bit like my time.

It started out with simply a desire to build a newer home. That was it. Probably somewhere close by. Probably a smaller, newer, home. Maybe even a townhouse or something of that nature!

Things… Escalated pretty quickly.

That, more or less, is the new home we’re looking to have built in our new city. We’ve made some small customisations to the basic plan, and added a few features on, but that is pretty much the bones of what we’re looking to do.

It’s bigger than our current home, so the opposite direction of what we intended — but hey, at least it hits the ‘newer’ part right on! Going from a 1970’s build house to a 2020’s, so a good 50 years of difference in design and build there.

I’m excited, but at the same time… It’s a big move! And brother and sister will be further away than they’ve ever been (with the exception of the Dubai years for my sister, of course). But it’ll be a while yet. Ground hasn’t broken on construction — we’re still working through the finalisation of the paperwork. Once that’s done, it’s probably still some 8-10 months before we can take the home for ours and move into it.

I hope this isn’t a move we regret. I have no real dissatisfaction with where we are now (location wise)… Well; except for traffic I guess. I don’t think we will — but guess we won’t know til we’re there and settled in a bit!

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